10 Best Open Back Headphones (2022 Reviewed)

laptop and a headphones on the bed

The best open-back headphones give you an experience like no other. If you don’t know what open-back headphones are, we break down the details so you know what you’re missing. If you have headphones right now, chances are they have a closed-back, so maybe you want something different. The thing is, there are so many […]

What Is a Flare Calmer: The Sound Taming Invention

A woman who needs Flare Calmer holds one hand to her head and the other is outstretched in a stop motion

If the thought of trying to dumb down the constant sounds of life sounds appealing, you may like to explore the remarkable Flare Calmer. Whether you listen to music on the go or dream of letting the rest of the world fade into the background, finding the right hearing enhancement may prove a tricky feat. […]

Headphone Stand: The Best Options to Protect or Display Your Investment

WHite Bose headphones hanging on a headphone stand

Buying good quality headphones to enjoy your music collection or gaming may represent a significant investment, so you may wish to find a headphone stand suitable for storing them. If you leave them hanging around, the chances are you may sit on them, and I am speaking from experience. Furthermore, if you have pets, a […]

The Best Kid’s Headphones with a Microphone You Can Buy Today

A boy holds a tape player and a girl wears a pair of Kid's Headphones with a Microphone

Kid’s headphones with a microphone come in particularly useful if your child loves to play video games or watch movies on a tablet. Many games rely on combat with other participants via the internet, and many of those games require voice instructions and communications. The last thing you want to hear as you try to […]

Top 10 Bluetooth Audio Devices for Sound Lovers This Year

Bluetooth audio devices

Anyone who loves to listen to music may have a deep appreciation for their Bluetooth audio devices. The use of sophisticated Bluetooth technology has revolutionized the way we listen to music and watch television. Furthermore, with the sheer volume of music many of us store in our mobiles, the ability to easily connect to Bluetooth […]