Kid’s headphones with a microphone come in particularly useful if your child loves to play video games or watch movies on a tablet.

Many games rely on combat with other participants via the internet, and many of those games require voice instructions and communications.

The last thing you want to hear as you try to work from home is your kid listening to loud commands from their team players! The right kid’s headphones with a microphone allow for a hands-free experience when playing games or talking on the phone.

Furthermore, with many of us experiencing homeschooling during these turbulent times, the headsets provide an excellent solution for using online classes and talking to teachers.

However, when considering kid’s earphones with microphone, it is worth noting an important safety feature that involves volume limitation.

Kid’s Headphones with a Microphone

The best kid’s headphones with a microphone offer comfort and protection for young ears with clear sound and Bluetooth connectivity.

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Furthermore, hygiene remains vital, so choosing a variety that you can easily wipe clean is essential. Little fingers tend to have accidents, so a robust build combined with an inexpensive budget may feel appropriate for the gear.

The P10 Kid’s Headphones with Microphone from POWMEE offer excellent value for money combined with some superb safety features.

The BTH03 Kid’s Headphones from iClever provide wireless connectivity and a built-in mic combined with sound-activated LED lights.

However, what if you have two children? The CH8 Kid’s Headphones with Microphone 2 Pack from Mpow offer superb value for your money with a double pack of good quality headsets suitable for gaming and online schooling.

Young children and young adults have sensitive hearing, which may suffer from permanent damage when exposed to loud sounds. Therefore, it is worth purchasing headsets with volume limiters to protect the youngster’s hearing.

Hearing Loss

Loss of hearing remains a serious problem, with around 15 percent of adults aged 18 years and older reporting some form of hearing loss in America.

Furthermore, 1 in 8 people in the USA aged 12 years or older experience hearing loss in both ears based on standard hearing examinations.

It’s an alarming statistic, and hearing loss in a child may stunt their growth and cause permanent damage to their mental state.

A boy plays video games while wearing Kid's Headphones with a Microphone

Protecting kids

Many hand-held devices, such as iPads and MP3 players, remain capable of pumping out significant sound levels.

Adults understand the dangers such high volumes may pose to your hearing and turn the volume down to safe levels. However, children don’t necessarily have the same instinct.

Prolonged exposure to loud sounds may result in hearing loss. When a child uses headphones, the sound remains clamped around their developing ears, and any excessive volume remains contained around the sensitive organs.

Consequently, you run the danger of irreversibly damaging a kid’s hearing.

Children’s headphones generally limit sound to 85 decibels to protect young hearing. The World Health Organisation recommends no exposure to sound levels over 120 decibels.

How Volume Limiters Work

Headphone volume limiters arrive in two forms, either built into the headphones themselves or as an adaptor between the headphones and the jack fitted in-line.

The inhibitor consists of a resistor that lowers the current flow from the sound source to the headset, thus limiting the volume.

Most kid’s headphones tend to use Bluetooth technology to pair with the sound source, such as gaming equipment and mobile device. Consequently, the volume inhibitor needs to be integrated with the headset itself.

Over-ear headphones

For children, over-ear headphones represent a better choice than earbuds. Young children may find earbuds uncomfortable, and they may cause more significant damage to developing ears.

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Over-ear headphones prove significantly more straightforward for children to use and far more comfortable. Consequently, this type of headset may cause less damage to youngsters.


We all know what kids are like. Cleaning doesn’t exist within their vocabulary. Over-ear headphones offer an easier cleaning option as your child can easily wipe the muffs with anti-bacterial wipes.

Close contact with the skin and moisture from your mouth against the microphone may cause bacterial growth and mold, so regular cleaning of the equipment remains a health and safety priority.

A Brief Note

It is worth knowing that some devices allow you to set volume limits in conjunction with a passcode. Hand-held devices such as the iPad enable the adult to limit the volume using a code so that the child cannot exceed the safe limit.

Our List of Kid’s Headphones with a Microphone

We have chosen only those headsets that display good-quality customer feedback. The end-user remains an essential form of information when using any product as they have the experience of using the devices.

P10 Kid’s Headphones with Microphone

POWMEE P10 Kids Headphones with Microphone Stereo Headphones for Children Boys Girls,Adjustable 85dB/94dB Volume Control Foldable On-Ear Headphone with Microphone for School/PC/Cellphone(Blue)

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The P10 Kid’s Headphones with Microphone from POWMEE offer a sturdy solution for kid’s headsets. They provide excellent stereo sound with a good quality built-in microphone suitable for gaming, movies, and using with tablets and mobile phones.

The headset features a switch to control the volume to safe levels of 85 decibels and 94 decibels. The adjustable headband allows for a perfect fit around your child’s head. The soft protein earmuffs provide a snug yet comfortable fit.

The lightweight headphones use a sturdy, durable design made from strong plastic. The foldable design allows for easy storing and carrying. It features a 3.5mm plug to use with 3.5mm jack devices.

As a budget choice, the P10 Kid’s Headphones with Microphone from POWMEE offer tremendous value for your money. While it doesn’t feature Bluetooth connectivity, the budget reflects its suitability for young children.

BTH03 Kid’s Headphones

iClever BTH03 Kids Bluetooth Headphones Safe Volume, Colorful LED Lights, 25H Playtime, Stereo Sound Mic, Bluetooth 5.0, Foldable, On Ear Kids Wireless Headphones for Tablet Airplane, Blue

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The BTH03 Kid’s Headphones from iClever features built-in LED lights that pulse in time to the music to enhance your child’s experience.

The Bluetooth headphones run on batteries and feature a 25-hour battery life. You can easily pair the headset with Apple, Android, and other Bluetooth compatible devices with a range of 33 feet.

A built-in volume restrictor protects your kid’s hearing up to a level of 95 decibels. The integrated microphone allows for two-way calling and gaming and proves the ideal choice for online learning.

Good quality protein earmuffs provide a comfortable fit around the ears, and an adjustable band provides an individual fit for the user.

The lack of power cables makes the BTH03 Kid’s Headphones from iClever an ideal choice for children. They offer excellent value for your money with Bluetooth connectivity and superb safety features to protect your kid’s hearing.

CH8 Kid’s Headphones with Microphone 2 Pack

No products found.

No products found.

If you have two children, then the CH8 Kid’s Headphones with Microphone 2 Pack from Mpow offers a superb value for your money. The set proves ideal for online learning, gaming, and listening to music.

The set features Hi-Fi stereo sound with high quality integrated microphones. They use a standard 3.5mm audio jack compatible with most devices.

A sharing splitter provided allows two users to enjoy the benefits of using the headphones. Furthermore, the foldable design allows for easy storing and carrying.

The headphones feature a volume limitation of 91 decibels to protect your kid’s hearing. The robust build provides long-lasting use and features 47-inch tangle-free nylon wires.

The adjustable headband and comfortable ear muffs offer a tailored listening and talking experience for children.

While the set doesn’t offer Bluetooth connectivity, it does offer superb value in an age where homeschooling remains essential.

CH6 Kid’s Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone

No products found.

No products found.

The CH6 Kid’s Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone from Mpow makes pairing with compatible Bluetooth devices a breeze. The Bluetooth 5 headset uses a Qualcomm chip to deliver fast and reliable Bluetooth connectivity with a range of up to 33 feet.

The set offers up to 15 hours of battery life and features superb High-Definition stereo sound. It uses dynamic drivers to deliver outstanding quality sound, and the built-in volume regulators limit the sound to 94 decibels.

A resilient, robust design ensures the headphones fit snuggly around your kid’s head, and the adjustable headband provides a custom fit. The memory foam earpads offer a comfortable fit, and the set uses a foldable design for easy storage and carrying.

You may locate the easy-to-use controls on the bottom left earcup so that you can play, pause, and change both the volume and the track with one touch.

The CH6 Kid’s Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone from Mpow offer excellent value in a superb quality package. The Bluetooth connectivity makes the set ideal for gaming, listening to music, and homeschooling.

Kids Cute Pink Headphones with Microphone

SVYHUOK Kids Wireless Bluetooth Headphones,Cute Pikachu Over-Ear Headphones with Built-in Microphone,Wireless and Wired Headset for Phones,Tablets,PC,Laptop, for Boys Girls Toddler,Yellow

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The Kids Cute Pink Headphones with Microphone from SVYHUOK represents a higher investment. However, the vibrant design may appeal to various children and arrives packed with excellent features.

The set uses Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity but comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack, just in case. It boasts an impressive range of up to 39 feet.

You can use the headset with a wide variety of compatible devices, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, MP3 players, PCs, and televisions.

A foldable design makes it easy to store, and transport and the adjustable headband provides a comfortable fit. The soft earmuffs rotate 90 degrees to hang easily around the neck when not in use.

A funky feature arrives with the illuminated lightning streaks on the earmuffs, which change through several colors when listening to music. The battery life provides up to 15 hours of playtime.

The built-in microphone makes the set ideal for gaming, listening to music, and homeschooling. The TF card socket allows for use with older devices.

While it may prove a more expensive option for kid’s headphones with a microphone, the tough, robust nature of the set and the comprehensive features make it an excellent investment.

Volume Limited Kids Headphones

Mokata Headphones Bluetooth Wireless/Wired Kids Volume Limited 94 /110dB Over Ear Foldable Noise Protection Headset with AUX 3.5mm Mic for Boys Girls Child Travel School Cellphone Pad Tablet PC Blue

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The Volume Limited Kids Headphones from Mokata offer excellent value with Bluetooth connectivity with an integrated microphone.

The set boasts impressive safety features with a volume limitation set to 85 decibels to protect your child’s hearing. You can switch between 85 decibels or 110 decibels.

The adjustable headband and soft earmuffs provide a comfortable yet snug fit. The collapsible design enables the user to fold up the set when not using them in the provided protection pouch.

The headset runs for 5-to-6 hours after a 2-to-3-hour charge. It offers excellent stereo sound in a compact, robust design.

The Volume Limited Kids Headphones from Mokata remains an excellent choice for gaming, music, and homeschooling. The affordability makes it the perfect choice for anyone working with a tight budget.

Kid’s Headphones with a Microphone Explored

We live in very uncertain times, and many of us find ourselves working from home. With many schools closed, homeschooling remains the norm, which may prove a noisy experience when we try to concentrate on our work.

Consequently, you may need to invest in kid’s headphones with built-in microphones.

The best headsets offer Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable batteries. However, we must protect our children’s hearing from high volumes, so headsets with volume limiters prove ideal.

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Most kid’s headphones offer the feature, but make sure you look out for it when you make your purchase.

The Volume Limited Kids Headphones from Mokata provide Bluetooth connectivity and excellent safety features at a fantastic budget. Consequently, if you find yourself working with a tight budget, the set proves ideal.

If you need more than one set, the CH8 Kid’s Headphones with Microphone 2 Pack from Mpow offers the perfect solution. While they don’t feature Bluetooth connectivity, the affordability makes them a very attractive proposition.

Homeschooling and online learning may continue in the near future. Kid’s headphones with built-in microphones no longer feel like a luxury but a necessity. Volume limitation and durability remain essential considerations when you make your choice.

However,  many of our options fall beneath the 20 dollar threshold, which means that if little fingers break the headsets, it may not hurt your pocket quite as much.

Have your children ever used any of the headphones on our list? Share your experience in the comments below.

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