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The appropriate research can do wonders if done properly. We are here to help you and save your time and money at the same time. In our website, you will see our personal recommendations and/or experience with the products that we are reviewing.

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Meet the Team

Mason Reynolds – Chief Editor

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When I went to college, I originally started out as a journalism major, but it was while I was taking some courses in broadcast news that I found my true calling: audio production. I ended up changing my degree plan so that I could pursue a double major in journalism and audio production. After receiving my Bachelor of Arts in Audio Production (plus my journalism degree), I was fortunate enough to land a job at a local news station, where I learned all of the ins and outs of broadcasting the news live. There’s no room for audio production screw-ups in that environment, so I really learned to think on my feet. I eventually began working in electronic field production, where I was responsible for working to capture the best possible audio for video and film. This is where I learned tons of stuff about audio equipment. Doing this for a living got me interested in tinkering with audio equipment in my spare time. From learning to ring out monitors to running cables. For fun, I enjoy going to concerts and live theater with my friends and family. You can contact me at mreynolds@audiorumble.com

Parker Hickman – Communications Manager

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After earning my Bachelor of Music in Music Production, I went to work in musical instrument and audio equipment sales for a few years. That really gave me a crash course in everything I didn’t learn in college and was a great intro to the music industry overall. When you earn a large portion of your income by direct sales, you learn a lot about how to communicate the effectiveness of products. Here at Audio Rumble, I handle all of the company’s internal and external messaging. I identify press opportunities and help develop content that can be disseminated through newsletters, social media, and other channels. In my free time, I enjoy participating in community theatre, a lifelong passion of mine. Please get in touch with me at phickman@audiorumble.com

Alison Douglas – Audio Specialist

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Music was my first love. In fact, I loved it so much that I decided I wanted to be a band director, so after high school, I went to college for music education.  My first job straight out of college was as an assistant junior high band director in the music department for a large school district. Because my young budding musicians didn’t have as many activities going on as the high school kids did, I was often called into duty to help out at jazz band concerts, football games, and other events like that. After a few years of doing that, it was a natural transition for me to start writing about audio production. My job here at Audio Rumble allows me to do that, all while keeping my finger on the pulse of the industry. When I’m not working with music, I totally unplug and spend my time hiking and cycling with my family. If you have any questions please email me at adouglas@audiorumble.com