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House Of Marley’s Get Together is anything but average, but that doesn’t only apply to its performance. Altogether, this is one of the most interesting and best sounding Bluetooth speakers you can get for less than $100.


When House Of Marley designed Get Together, they followed the standard format of Bluetooth speakers but added a few twists of their own. The very first thing you will notice about this particular speaker is its size. Being 15″ wide and 5″ tall, Get Together is one of the bigger speakers in its segment.

What really makes it stand out is are the materials. The front baffle is made bamboo and features a stained finish that is only interrupted by exposed transducers. Rest of the speaker body is also made of bamboo but is covered with REWIND cotton fabric.

It is very clear that House Of Marley aimed to make this speaker as eco-friendly as possible by using only the easily renewable organic materials. The side effect of choosing this design path is a very practical and good looking speaker. You will be hard pressed to find anything similar to Get Together.


All of the aesthetics aside, Get Together packs a whole lot of heat. The selection of transducers features two chunky 3.5″ drivers accompanied by two 1″ tweeters. On top of that, we have a bass port in the back of the speaker, which adds on to the low-end response.

Controls are found on the top right side of the cabinet and are pretty straight forward. In terms of connectivity, you have the choice of using the Bluetooth connection with its standard 33 feet of range, or a 3.5mm AUX input in the back.

The battery is built into the speaker while its maximum playtime is limited to some 8 hours per charge. Speaking of play time, Get Together comes with an auto power off feature that turns the speaker off after some 5 minutes of idling. This way you don’t have to worry if you accidentally leave it on.


Even though Get Together doesn’t come with too many features and is actually a pretty simple speaker, the sound it offers is great, to say the least. For one, you can actually feel the bass. It is not a deep bass, but it gives you girth in the lower end of the frequency range.

Mids are somewhat reluctant but ultimately wider than expected. Lastly, we have some of the best trebles you can experience from a Bluetoothspeaker. This is mostly thanks to those two tweeters. The way highs meet the mid-range is fairly natural, giving you a great sound stage.

With that said, Get Together is pretty loud as well. The unit offers some 16 Watts in total, but cranking up the volume gives you an impression that it packs more juice than that. Even though its size is a limiting factor when it comes to portability, House Of Marley’s Get Together is a great outdoors speaker.

The Rumble:

Unique design combined with impressive performance really give this House Of Marley speaker lots of potential. If you’re looking for something larger that sounds great and has a natural look to it, this is about as good as it gets.