Buying good quality headphones to enjoy your music collection or gaming may represent a significant investment, so you may wish to find a headphone stand suitable for storing them.

If you leave them hanging around, the chances are you may sit on them, and I am speaking from experience.

Furthermore, if you have pets, a cat may find the leads irresistible, and a dog may chew on the unusually shaped bone, so protecting your headphones feels like a good idea.

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I’m a bit of a neat freak, and I firmly believe that everything belongs in a designated place. Organization leads to a calm home and a clean, uncluttered life, so placing your beloved headphones on a beautiful stand offers a satisfying solution.

Why would you spend your hard-earned money on a good set of headphones only to leave them lying around?

Buy a Headphone Stand

Storage often feels like a challenge, and you may find yourself limited for space. A headphone stand offers a simple solution for storing and safely displaying your gear to prevent damage.

And with sales of headphones increasing during the pandemic, a stand proves essential. Furthermore, many headphone stands sit on a desktop and look cool!

Basic stands may consist of a simple base with a hook for hanging your headphones, such as the Headphone Stand Headset Holder from New Bee, which offers a superb value for your money.

Alternatively, some holders include a USB charging port such as the Aluminum USB Headphone Stand from Satechi, making them dual purpose.

Whether you choose a stand that looks like a piece of modern art or a simple hanger to keep your headgear safe, you may wish to consider a few things before you click the buy button.

How to Choose the Correct Headphone Stand

A headphone stand with a pair of black headphones hanging on them

While a headphone stand looks stylish and provides a practical solution to your storage, some may prove a bit expensive, so it’s worth doing your homework before you buy.

Stashing your headphones away in the drawer may cause more damage than you realize, and a good set of music or gaming headphones takes a significant chunk of your pocket money.

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A headphone stand separates your prized possession from other objects and prevents cords and cables from tangling. Furthermore, if you spill a drink, the stand may save your headphones from disaster.

Consequently, when you consider buying a headphone stand, think about what you need it to do and the space you have to accommodate it. Do you need a simple stand or a stand with a USB port to charge your gear?

Type of Stands

It’s worth exploring the various types of stands to understand the best choice for your needs.

Look at the space available and use our handy list to find the perfect match to keep your headphones safe.

Desktop stands

A desktop stand sits on your desk or nightstand and offers a simple hanging solution.

Various designs exist, including everything from a simple stand to USB designs for recharging your headphones. This type of headphone stand proves the most popular option.

Under mounted stands

An under-mounted stand easily clamps to the underside of your desk. They either screw or clamp into place and offer a neat, discreet solution for storage.

The great thing about under-mounted types is that they don’t take up any valuable space on your surface.

Dual stands

A dual headphone stand does as it says on the tin. It holds two sets of headphones, usually on a T-shaped hanging bar.

Perhaps you use one set of headphones for gaming and another for music, which makes this type of stand invaluable. Furthermore, they take up minimal area on a surface, which makes them very convenient.

USB and Aux port stands

A USB stand remains the ideal choice if you use rechargeable headphones because you can plug them into the stand to charge and store them safely.

Stands with a USB or AUX port transform the unit into a multipurpose hub for connecting additional devices, which may prove invaluable for techno wizards.

Explore space

When choosing the correct headphone stand for you, it remains essential to examine the available space at hand. Consider the footprint of the stand and its height to determine the suitable unit for your needs.

Most desktop stands take up precious little space, but if your ‘stuff’ takes over worksurfaces, you don’t want to risk damaging the stand and your headphones.

Larger stands may incorporate storage trays, USB, or AUX ports. While such features prove helpful, they tend to result in a larger footprint on the stand, so you must consider that when you begin your hunt.

An essential factor to take into consideration derives from your headphones. Before you part with your money, make sure they fit onto your chosen stand.

While most stands use a universal design to fit most styles of headphones, you may feel cheated when you get it home and discover your headphones don’t fit. Consequently, check the relevant information and dimensions before you purchase.

Material Choice

Headphones hanging on a wooden stand

Most stands are made of plastic, wood, or metal, and the design varies from one manufacturer to the next. A design that features a padded stand may help protect the padding on your headphones and stands made from silicone, foam, or rubber may be the ideal choice.

Some headphones feature sleek, modern designs with smooth areas, so choosing a stand with polished surfaces and smooth hanging areas won’t scratch the finish on your headphones.

Furthermore, stands with rubber or felted bases may prevent the unit from slipping off your desk and protect the surface from accidental scratching.

Expanding possibilities

A stand that contains USB or AUX ports turns the unit into a secondary computer hub and recharging port. The ports are helpful for transferring data or charging devices, which is great for working environments and gaming.

The AUX port enables the headphones to plug into the stand rather than the computer, proving a more convenient and efficient setup.

Look out for additional features

When is a stand not just a stand? When it features cord organizers. Cord organizers reduce desktop clutter and make for a clean working or gaming environment.

Look out for non-slip bases because you don’t want your nifty new stand sliding off the surface. You also don’t want to see ugly scratches on your lovely desk, so padded bottoms make all the difference.

The style and color of your stand take the unit to the next level. Just because it’s a stand doesn’t mean it needs to look ugly. Headphone stands come in various colors and designs, from modern to funky, so pick a unit that appeals to your inner interior designer.

The Best Headphone Stand for You

Now that we understand the different types of stands, it’s time to make your choice.

Our list of stands covers a wide range of features and budgets, and each item comes with a host of positive customer reviews. The end-user remains an essential source of information because they have the experience of using the products.

Headphone Stand Headset Holder

New bee Headphone Stand Headset Holder Earphone Stand with Aluminum Supporting Bar Flexible Headrest ABS Solid Base for All Headphones Size (Black)
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The Headphone Stand Headset Holder from New Bee offers a neat, budget choice to keep your headphones safe. The universal design fits all headphones and derives from a sturdy aluminum construction with a TPU rubber finish to protect your gear.

The stand arrives with soft pads for the base, which prevent it from scratching and sliding off surfaces. It’s a basic unit at a reasonable cost and may prove ideal for the younger members of the household.

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Aluminum USB Headphone Stand

Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand Holder with 3 USB 3.0 Ports & 3.5mm AUX Port - Universal Fit - Compatible, Bose, Sony, JBL, Panasonic, AKG (V2, Silver)
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The Aluminum USB Headphone Stand from Satechi may present a more considered purchase, but the device looks smart and integrates effortlessly into your working or gaming environment.

Silicone pads on a wide, flat hanging hook keep your headphones in place securely, and the cord organizer situated at the back of the unit keeps everything neat and tidy.

The unit comes with 4 ports that include a built-in 3.5mm audio jack that enables users to plug headphones directly into the stand. The 3 USB ports support charging and computer connectivity that sets it aside from other stands.

While it may be more expensive than some options, its versatility and connectivity make it a superb desktop solution.

Metal and Silicone Headphone Stand

Avantree Metal & Silicone Headphone Stand Hanger with Cable Holder, Black Desk Earphone Mount Rack for Sennheiser, Sony, Bose, Beats Gaming Headset Display, Fancy Music Studio Accessories - HS102
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The sleek design and black silicone design make the Metal and Silicone Headphone Stand from Avantree a stylish option.

It uses a great curved design to hang your headphones and prevent denting your gear’s soft areas. Furthermore, the silicone hanging area grips the headphones and prevents them from slipping off the unit.

The stand is suitable for most headphones and holds headbands up to 1.5 inches. The non-slip silicone base contains a lipped storage tray ideal for holding the headphone cord and smaller items.

While it constitutes a basic option, the robust construction and sympathetic materials ensure a smart, effective solution for storing and displaying your headphones.

Dual Headphone Desktop Stand

Avantree [Super Stable] Neetto Dual Headphones Stand for Desk, Aluminum Alloy & Metal Gaming Headsets Holder Hanger for Sennheiser, Sony, Audio-Technica, Bose, Beats, Akg, Display Mount - HS908
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If you have two sets of headphones, the Dual Headphone Desktop Stand from Avantree is a good choice with sturdy construction and a sympathetic design.

However, it takes up a bit more space than many stands in its league but does offer an excellent value for your money.

The black aluminum design and contoured hanging hooks make this stand a stylish solution, though it lacks the bells and whistles of other designs. It fits most headphones, and the large base accommodates space to store the headphone cables and smaller items.

Universal Undermount Stand

6amLifestyle Headphone Headset Holder Hanger, Universal Metal Gaming Headphones Stand Mount Under Desk Hook Clip with Adjustable Clamp for All Headsets, Black(Patented)
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If space is an issue, the Universal Undermount Stand from 6amLifestyle comes to the rescue with an easy-to-fit, under-mount unit designed to fit any headphone.

It quickly fits beneath the desk or under a shelf, and the large hanging hook easily accommodates two sets of headphones.

The design uses a robust clamp to fix the stand in place, so you don’t need screws or fixings to take advantage of this value unit. You can install the clamp on surfaces measuring 0.7 inches to 1.38 inches wide.

A raised edge to the hanging hook ensures your headphones remain in place securely. Consequently, the affordable budget and excellent design make this headphone stand ideal for many users.

RGB Headphone Stand with USB Hub

KAFRI RGB Headphone Stand with USB Hub Desk Gaming Headset Holder Hanger Rack with 1 USB2.0 Extension Charging Port Extender Cord - Suitable for Gamer Desktop Table Game Earphone Accessories
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If gaming remains your passion, the RGB Headphone Stand with USB Hub from KAFRI may be the perfect solution to your storage needs.

The slick design uses a small desktop footprint, and the stand displays nine lighting effects from its built-in RGB LED lights to create a fantastic atmosphere.

The stand includes one USB port to transfer files or charge cordless headphones. The curved hook holds your headphones in place securely and fits most gaming headsets. A hook located at the back of the unit conveniently holds and organizes the cables.

The intelligent design and convenient features make this ideal for younger household members while offering an excellent value for the money.

Rotating Arm Clamp Undermount Stand

PC Gaming Headset Headphone Hook Holder Hanger Mount, Headphones Stand with Adjustable & Rotating Arm Clamp , Under Desk Design , Universal Fit , Built in Cable Clip Organizer EURPMASK
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The Rotating Arm Clamp Undermount Stand from EURPMASK is great for storing headphones when space remains at a premium.

The innovative yet robust design clamps onto desks up to 37mm thick, and the spring clamp makes for easy installation and removal without the need for tools.

An innovative rotating, adjustable arms swings underneath your desk for discreet storage, and the large, padded hook fits most types of headphones. The rubber pads located on the clamps and the hook arm prevent scratching and denting.

The unit offers a superb, convenient storage solution at an excellent budget suitable for just about anybody.

The Headphone Stand Explored

Using a stand to store your headphones offers a practical, simple solution to keep your headphones safe and secure.

Headphone stands come in various styles and finishes suitable for most environments, and clever under-mounted units give a discreet storage solution without taking up valuable space.

Take into consideration the space available for stands and how you want the stand to work. If space is an issue, the Rotating Arm Clamp Undermount Stand from EURPMASK offers a superb value and it fits under most desks and shelves.

However, the RGB Headphone Stand with USB Hub from KAFRI provides a sophisticated solution with various features that many gamers and home workers may find helpful.

Do you use a headphone stand? Why not share your experience by commenting in the space below.

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