The Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $50: Extension Reviews

Bluetooth speakers are a very niche type of product. Everyone expects them to be cheap since they are so small and portable, but it takes a lot of effort to build a good unit. Today we are going to show you the best Bluetooth speakers under $50, and exactly what to expect from speakers in that price range. We have also prepared a selection of models that represent the best in this segment. By the time you’re done with this guide, you should have a good idea of what a good Bluetooth speaker should look like.

How to Choose The Best Bluetooth Speaker

Before we share the best Bluetooth speakers under $50, let’s first consider some factors to help you make the right choice for you. Below, we’ve outlined the most popular and beneficial criteria to make your research-process much easier and smoother.

Portable or Fixed Design?

Consider where and when you plan on using your Bluetooth speaker. If you plan on carrying it around with you, we recommend looking at units that come with a built-in battery. Let’s say you like listening to music while you’re getting ready, but enjoy switching between rooms, this is when a portable device is best suited. If you are keen to purchase a portable design, perhaps you’d need to search for one with a healthy Bluetooth range that doesn’t lose signal as you move it around with you.

Alternatively, a fixed design is just as beneficial for some. Cheap Bluetooth speakers aren’t designed to last a long time without battery and so they’ll need plugging into the mains most of the time. Although this might sound like a disadvantage to you, such devices tend to have a richer sound and thicker bass, making them ideal for music-lovers. With that being said, you’ll need to have a designated spot that won’t disturb others or look out of place in your home.


Bluetooth speakers are a great party essential, especially for outdoor events. If you love listening to music by the pool, a waterproof design is a great companion to get you through the day while ensuring it doesn’t get damaged by any water contact. However, make sure that you thoroughly read the instructions as most models can survive sitting in up to 1m of water for no longer than 30 minutes. Therefore, consider the environment you plan on using your speaker. Perhaps in the bathroom, while you’re showering? If so, a waterproof unit is a sensible choice.

Strong Design

Alternatively, perhaps you’re more concerned about having a robust design that can handle accidents and being dropped every now and then. Such designs are resistant to shocks and continue to work no matter how many times they’ve fallen on the floor. However, strong designs tend to be less attractive and thicker models as they’re coated in protective materials, so consider what’s more important to you: protection or appearance?


As you look for the best Bluetooth speakers under $50, you’ll notice that they come in a range of sizes, which is a reflection of the speaker drivers. Specifically, small speakers typically offer two drivers, but much larger units feature many more. With more drivers, the speaker can offer more frequency range so the audio quality remains consistent no matter the bass or treble.

With this in mind, you should consider how important sound quality is to you. If you’re content with a device that merely plays your favorite tracks while you’re getting ready in the morning, cheap Bluetooth speakers will suffice. Alternatively, head for the upper range of $50 if sound quality is one of the most important components of a speaker.

Bluetooth vs WiFi Speakers

Perhaps you’re wondering why we’re focusing on Bluetooth speakers rather than WiFi units. What’s the difference between the two and how does the former outweigh the latter?

Multi-Room Sound System

WiFi speakers are great for multi-room sound systems because they can play different or the same song simultaneously in each room. This is great for a party scene or a large home where you’re navigating through different rooms. With this feature, you tend to have more customization options and can mix and match different speakers to create one massive unit across several rooms.

Hands-Free Voice Calls

WiFi speakers can connect to your smartphone so you can answer calls while your device is switched on. This also means you can talk on the phone without pressing a single button. As WiFi speakers are powered by the Internet, you can also go beyond making and receiving calls and access an Internet radio or ask for the weather. Alexa and Google Assistant are popular examples of these features.

Signal and Usability

WiFi speakers tend to have a wider signal than Bluetooth speakers as this extends further. As a result, this is ideal for larger homes or if you plan on purchasing a portable cheap Bluetooth speaker for parties.

However, we found that WiFi devices are less reliable to connect – especially if multiple people are using the Internet at the same time. Consequently, this can affect the Internet connection and result in slow downloads or glitching. On the other hand, Bluetooth is more user-friendly, quicker to connect to your device and less likely to encounter any interference.

The Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $50


VAVA is one of the brands that has been taking over the market for the lower end wireless speakers. One of the more rugged models in their offer goes under the name of VAVA VOOM 23 Outdoor Rugged Wireless Portable Speaker. With this one, you are looking at a very capable little package that will follow you wherever you go.

Its chunky buttons ensure that you can use this portable speaker how matter how dirty or wet it gets. It’s also quick to charge and easy to use, plus you can sync hands-free calls to the device and easily adjust the volume control and skip tracks.

Performance and Features

It is a low-power speaker that may discourage some. However, it is on par with the industry average. Where it excels is the IPX6 protection and the 24-hour battery life. Once the battery is running low, you’ll hear a beep sound to notify you. Although not water resistant, it is splashproof, making it a perfect choice for camping or any outdoor work. For most, that’s more than enough.

This is one of the best Bluetooth speakers under $50 for incredible bass. It can reach deep notes, making it a great addition to any party or workout. This cheap Bluetooth speaker isn’t so loud that it’ll drown out conversations, which is ideal for an office environment or perhaps if you don’t like to crank the volume up all the way.


TaoTronics Rock Bluetooth Speaker makes a mighty fine argument for this brand, especially if you are on a budget. It isn’t necessarily something you would take surfing, but it works. Compared to most outdoor speakers, this one is more or less a stylish model that is meant for casual use. This speaker is certainly modern and sleek to give you a sense of pride to display it for others. It also has a slim fit to make it perfect for most living arrangements.

Unlike some of the other best Bluetooth speakers under $50, this unit is user-friendly thanks to the easy-to-reach volume controls on top of the device. Plus, the charging port is well protected by a rubber seal to prevent any damage or dust and debris entering the system.

Performance and Features

It’s not water resistant nor does it feature a shockproof chassis. However, with two 8 Watt speakers, a built-in mic and voice prompt, it more than makes up for it. The battery life of 24 also helps if you listen to music regularly. This speaker can reach impressive volumes to fill a large room, but as you increase the volume, you’ll find a slight distortion. This does depend on the music genre you like, as high-treble tracks tend to cause more distortion than bassy songs.


Many users love that you can use this cheap Bluetooth speaker outdoors. However, that doesn’t mean it’s waterproof, but it can handle the heat during the summer. Its construction is rugged and there’s no denying that this speaker can handle a few drops, as the buttons are embedded into the frame.

The touch controls make this speaker seem more expensive than it is. These functions are responsive and generally don’t present any issues

Performance and Features

When it comes to good Bluetooth speakers for both home and outdoor use, DOSS Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 is a great choice. Even though they haven’t done much to make it bulletproof, DOSS did a good job at cramming as much performance as they could in a very small chassis. Because of that, this speaker is among the best.

On the inside, you will find two quality drivers which are facing the front of the speaker. What really makes it great is the fact that it comes with a bass driver which is facing down. This then gives you decent bass even outdoors. 12 Watts isn’t much for a party, but it gets the job done, especially with a 12-hour battery.

You can’t adjust the bass on this system, although most reported that its factory settings are strong enough for hip-hop and r ‘n’ b styles. All in all, the tones are crisp, making it great for an array of music genres.


This speaker isn’t ugly, although it’s one of the simplest designs we have presented to you. Designed with a soft plastic around its frame, this acts as a protection to the speaker, but that doesn’t mean it’ll survive constant throws to the floor. Its buttons keep you updated with pairing as they’ll turn red when the battery is low and switch blue when it’s successfully connected to your device.

Performance and Features

The whole thing is centered around a decent set of drivers. These are capable of offering a good sound that has a range to it. The volume is limited due to its size, but it is quite decent. On top of that, you’re looking at a 24-hour battery life and a good built-in microphone. You can crank this speaker up to the maximum volume and only experience slight distortion. But if sound quality is super important to you, simply lower the volume a couple of notches to enhance this speaker’s awesome quality.


Its triangular chassis makes it easy to use while its complement of speakers gives it quite a good sound profile. This speaker is great for outdoor events as it’s dustproof, rainproof and splashproof. The rubber wrapping on the edges also means that this speaker remains intact when it falls on the floor, although the buttons might come loose should it fall on the top.

Performance and Features

This unit features IPX5 protection and a custom bass radiator. Although it isn’t a true bass, it still gives you some low-end width. With a battery life of 12 hours, it’s a pretty competitive little setup to have outdoors. This speaker has an output of 10 watts, which is a sufficient amount for a small group of people coming over. However, be aware that the quality decreases as the volume increases. This Bluetooth speaker keeps the bass strong no matter the volume and the bass is the best component of its sound quality.


One thing that we don’t like is the tubular chassis. It is just too easy to roll around. This speaker is on the larger size which doesn’t make it the most portable design on our list. But this additional size means more power. It’s also finished with a rubber protection to protect the speaker from falls so long as it lands in the appropriate position.

Performance and Features  

Aside from that these come with a whole lot of I/O options for you to choose, including an SD Card reader. It also features a quite capable subwoofer paired with two 2Watt drivers. This means the speaker produces a deep bass. You should bear in mind that this incredible bass means the battery life isn’t the best compared to the other best Bluetooth speakers under $50.


Last but not least, we would like to show you a more conventional type of speaker which just happens to be a Bluetooth wireless setup. We are talking about the Sylvania Portable Bluetooth Speaker and its quite impressive design. It’s one of the rare models which are super easy on the eyes although it all comes down to taste.

When it comes to hardware, it is a straight forward deal. They went with an open chassis and exposed drivers. This means that there is very little protection if any. Its blue LED backlights make this a great speaker for a party and you’ll certainly impress guests.

Performance and Features  

The drivers are 4-inch units and offer a good enough sound for the money. The battery isn’t half bad either. Best of all, it comes with a decent EQ. This Bluetooth speaker has enough power to bring your music to life indoors or outdoors. The Hi-Fi speakers ensure that you always receive an incredible sound no matter the bass, treble or volume. For all this power though, it will need charging regularly, so have a designated set-up in advance.

What Are Your Thoughts on The Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $50?

Affordable Bluetooth speakers are becoming more and more capable with each passing day. Technology is moving forward fast enough, while demand for such electronics keeps rising. With that said, the speakers listed above represent the best you can get at the moment. We tried to filter out all of the mediocre speakers and only show you those which stand out in one way or another. If you’re looking for a cheap way to enjoy music wherever you go, we strongly recommend that you check out these speakers. One of them might just be exactly what you’re looking for.

What are your thoughts on our selection? Have we missed out some high-quality units you’ve tried and tried? Share your thoughts in the comments.