If the thought of trying to dumb down the constant sounds of life sounds appealing, you may like to explore the remarkable Flare Calmer.

Whether you listen to music on the go or dream of letting the rest of the world fade into the background, finding the right hearing enhancement may prove a tricky feat. However, Flare Audio may have the answer to improve our audio experiences.

We don’t always want to put on noise-canceling headphones, especially when we work from home because the headphones separate us from the environment.

Furthermore, wearing headphones isn’t always convenient, particularly when you want to remain aware of what’s happening around you. Consequently, a clever piece of technological magic and design ingenuity may change the way we cut out all that unnecessary noise.

What Is a Flare Calmer?

A woman in need of a Flare Calmer holds her hands over her ears

The Flare Calmer from Flare Audio consists of a nifty hearing device that fits snuggly into your ear to reduce stressful noise levels.

It also enhances your listening experience while reducing the noise of life without alienating you from your surroundings.

Who is Flare Audio?

Flare Audio started from humble beginnings with their first HQ in a garage! The small team of three designed and built loudspeakers and provided PA for gigs and festivals.

However, when they ran out of space, they moved into a more extensive warehouse, and with the bigger space came bigger ambitions.

The company focuses on reducing distortion in sound-producing deceives, and as such, earned a name for building superb quality headphones and in-ear headphones.

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The cutting-edge ideas Flare patented included an innovative SPACE concept involving anti-resonance technology.

It also included the VORTEX, a pressure releasing exhaust concept to use in their infinite baffle designs within their speakers and headphones to help reduce noise distortion.

Do Flare Calmers ship to my country?

Flare ship to over 186 countries worldwide. Furthermore, you may find their exceptional Flare Calmer technology on both Amazon US and Amazon UK.

The chances remain that you may experience their sound innovation from almost anywhere in the world. Not bad for a company that started in a garage!

The Flare Calmer Concept

A woman meditates beside a lake

Noise remains one of the worse forms of human pollution on the planet. Tens of millions of Americans suffer from adverse health conditions as a direct result of noise pollution.

Adverse health conditions caused by noise pollution include sleep disruption, noise-induced hearing loss, and cardiovascular disease.

Consequently, Flare made it their ambition to develop new and advanced forms of sound technology to improve and protect the listening experience.

The critical idea derives from the desire to minimize all types of distortion from all audio designs. Less distortion leads to a better connection to the music and audio we listen to.

It’s an ambitious task, and Flare seems to have achieved its aim by introducing the Flare Calmer. You may think the Flare Calmer resembles earphone ear tips. However, there remains more to the remarkable plugs than meets the eye.


At a glance, the design seems simple, yet the beauty of the concept sits within the simple design.

The Flare Calmer consists of 2 small, hollow silicone plugs that sit inside your ear canal. Furthermore, unlike conventional earplugs, they block out sound completely.

The silicone hollow body plugs, or waveguide, reflect sound into our ear and, in doing so, bypasses the sound effect on the Concha.

Consequently, the reduced level of distortion from everyday noise minimizes the stress on our ears from the sounds surrounding us and the sounds that we listen to. To understand the concept, you may wish to understand a little about the human ear.

Let’s all do the Concha

The Concha forms a basin-like formation on your outer ear at the entrance to the external auditory canal. Evolution remains a remarkable thing, and the Concha funnels sound into the canal towards the middle ear. It is here we find the eardrum.

Imagine a rush of harsh, loud sound rushing down the Concha to hit your eardrum. It makes my eyes wince at the thought. Sound frequencies trigger internal reactions, such as the sound of an alarm or the phone ringing.

It’s a percussion of noise that instigates a response from us. However, such reactions and trigger events may cause harm to our hearing and our health.

Sudden loud noises, such as a door banging or an explosion, triggers a violent reaction. It causes stress. Furthermore, loud noises may cause the hearer discomfort, and if you remain exposed to loud noises for long enough, it may lead to conditions such as tinnitus.

An important note

There remains no proof that a Flare Calmer cures or reduces tinnitus, despite what you may read in online articles and reviews. However, the effect of a Flare Calmer results in the reduction of noise distortion feeding into your ear canal and exploding against your eardrum.

Therefore, you may find that a Flare Calmer helps provide a ‘dampening’ of loud trigger noises that directly affect tinnitus. Consequently, if you find yourself sensitive to loud noises, the Flare Calmer may help alleviate discomfort and stress.

Let’s Talk Audio

A woman listening to music on headphones

Most of us love music, and many of us like to turn up the volume and immerse ourselves in a fantastic beat. Some of us may even dance around our bedrooms with a hairbrush and sing.

However, things lurk in the music that may damage your hearing and lead to conditions such as tinnitus and loss of hearing.

Excess noise

We all like a bit of bass in our music. It gives the sound depth and feeling. However, the high frequencies, such as the treble and upper harmonic orders can cause problems. If left unchecked, the upper, piercing sounds may slash through our eardrums like a lightsaber.

That is where the Flare Calmer comes in handy because those clever boffins at Flare designed the silicone units to temper the damage caused by high frequencies so they don’t slam into our eardrums.

Furthermore, the comfortable earplugs help prevent distortion caused by high frequencies and excess bass to help protect the eardrum and produce a cleaner, crisper sound.

Have you ever winced when you hear a high-pitched sound? Perhaps you felt an odd tremble in your ears when a particularly low bass rumble explodes from your speakers or headphones. The Flare Calmer reduces such problems.

Comfortable Construction

A woman reading a book

The tiny earplugs weigh in at 0.5 grams each, which means you may barely feel them in situ. The soft, durable but flexible silicone material molds itself to your ear canal for a seamless, comfortable fit. The ‘Flare’ branding imprinted into the earbud remains a neat touch.

While the buds remain flexible, the clever design ensures they retain the right amount of rigidity when inserted into the ear to avoid miss-shaping.

It’s an important feature to consider because if the plugs changed shape, they wouldn’t work to channel the sound and temper its effects.


Two distinct features highlight the excellence of the Flare Calmer design. When you examine the little blighters, you may see a curved silicone hollow body with a built-in exhaust designed to capture sound and send it into your ear.

The second feature you may witness derives from the silicone stems, which keep the buds in place. The clever stem design makes inserting and removing the Flare Calmer easier.


You may look at the devices and wonder how to fit them. An easy way to remember the correct fitting sees the stem and the logo facing the inside of the head.

If you put them in the wrong way, they feel awkward and clumsy. However, when you get it right, the stem sits neatly against the inside of the head, and the buds feel natural and comfortable.

The stem applies friction and pressure to prevent the buds from sliding down the ear canal, and the natural bend of the ear matches the curvaceous angle in the Flare Calmer.

Furthermore, you may use regular headphones while wearing the devices, but don’t use internal earphone buds because they may distort the shape of the Flare Calmer and negate their usefulness.

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Eco Packaging

It’s nice to see such a tiny item come in a little package. The environmentally friendly offering doesn’t use excess plastic or cardboard to present its product.

Instead, the Flare Calmer arrives in a small paper envelope, which is recyclable. The buds themselves sit in a neat little black mesh pouch for easy storage, and a comprehensive instruction manual guides you seamlessly through your purchase.

Customer Feedback

A woman give a double thumbs up sign to the Flare Calmer

The Flare Calmer carries overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. Users report how the high sound elements seem subdued to give a warmer, richer sound that feels softer in tone and more relaxing.

The edginess of top-end sounds and piercing noises seem dampened without causing the ‘wincing’ effect. Most customers found the experience of listening to music more relaxing and felt the Flare Calmer made a significant difference to their listening experience.

Regular noise

Many customers found the Flare Calmer significantly reduces troublesome noise, like car horns and alarms. While still able to hear the noises, they felt less harsh and seemed more tolerable.

However, while some users report that Flare Calmers made a significant difference to tinnitus, such findings remain unproven.

While it remains fair to report how some users found the devices of no use whatsoever, most customers gave a positive response to their purchase and felt they made a difference in their everyday lives.

Who Would Benefit from a Flare Calmer?

A man in the city smiling and wearing sunglasses

From the reviews and the research, most of us may benefit from using the Flare Calmer to help protect our ears from harsh sounds and preserve our hearing.

If you love to listen to loud music, the devices form a vital part of your listening experience because they reduce distortion and protect your ears. Furthermore, audio enthusiasts and musicians may benefit from their use.

However, let’s think out of the box. Perhaps you work in a school as a teacher, and you know all too well the levels of noise such environments generate. The Flare Calmer may prove invaluable and help alleviate stress levels and protect your hearing.

Anyone who works on noisy building sites may find the devices invaluable for reducing painful and uncomfortable sounds.

Bar and club workers exposed to loud music and constant background noise may benefit significantly from using the buds because it may help reduce stress and headaches.

A Different Flare

Flare doesn’t stand still and produces a range of Flare Calmers for various applications. The standard set suits most users.

Flare Audio® Calmer® Night White – in Ear Device to Gently Soothe Sound sensitivities - Reduce Stress in The Evening and Whilst Sleeping
  • Calmer Night is made from moulded soft-touch silicone, fits the majority of ears and is very comfortable to wear. A non-electrical device that sits in your ear and enables a more relaxing evening and a better night’s sleep.
  • Reduce stress and calm sound sensitivities. Calmer Night features a unique design which reduces frequencies from 2 kHz upwards. This lets you relax by taking the edge off of sharp or harsh noises but still allowing you to hear noises like alarms.
  • Calmer helps users with sensitive hearing conditions such as Misophonia, Hypersensitivity and Hyperacusis. Users have found that their audio world becomes more bearable when they wear Calmer.
  • Calmer Night is made from a softer silicone material and attenuates more frequencies from 2 kHz upwards, compared to its sister product, Calmer.
  • Calmer Night has been independently tested by Institute of Sound and Vibration Research.

However, the Flare Audio Mini set suits smaller ears. Because of this, these may be a good choice for children — especially those who are sensitive to loud noises.

FLARE AUDIO® Calmer® Mini Translucent– in Ear Device to Gently Soothe Sound sensitivities and Reduce Stress - Ideal for Sensitive Hearing, Autism, ADHD
  • Calmer Mini is a small device worn in the ear to reduce stress. Calmer Mini features a unique technology that reduces stressful frequencies without muffling sound and calms your environment in a subtle, but potentially life-changing way.
  • Made from soft-touch durable silicone, the device fits comfortably inside the ear. Calmer Mini accurately guides sound into our ears resulting in less distortion for a cleaner and defined and pleasant audio experience.
  • Calmer Mini helps anyone who experiences noise sensitivity but doesn’t want to feel isolated from the world. Calmer guides sound smoothly into our ears reducing the harsh peaks and is particularly helpful for neurodivergent conditions including ADHD, autism and dyslexia.
  • Calmer Mini reduces stress while travelling, commuting, In noisy areas and any other use where you want a calmer environment.
  • Calmer features patent pending technology and is available in Standard/Mini sizes. Calmer has also been independently tested by Institute of Sound and Vibration Research.

Furthermore, as the innovative company continues to push the sound barriers, you may purchase a Flare Audio Calmer EarHD edition designed especially for attending concerts and the theatre.

Flare Audio earHD 360 Black - Small in-Ear Device to Increase Sound Quality for HiFi, Car Stereos, Live Concerts and Under Headphones
  • A small device worn in the ear to increase sound quality from any direction.
  • earHD 360 features a unique patent-pending technology that reduces distortion in our ears and enhances all audio experiences.
  • Uses: Wear under headphones, when listening to home / car stereo, at gigs and live music events and when playing a musical instrument. Wear whenever you want to minimise distortion and enhance your audio.
  • Featuring unique waveguide technology, earHD 360 accurately guides sound into the ears and removes the resonant effect that our ears have on sound.
  • earHD 360 is a one size fits majority design and does not affect the characteristics (or colouration) of music, it simply diminishes distortion from our ears. Listen better for longer.

The Flare Calmer Explored

From their early conception, Flare Audio strived to improve the way we hear and appreciate sound through design and technology.

From speakers to headphones, Flare aimed to eliminate the distortion caused by certain frequencies to enhance our listening experience and save our hearing.

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The Flare Calmer derives from Flare’s desire to minimize harmful distortion. Sudden sounds distort inside our ears, and some music and frequencies gradually impede or damage our hearing, leading to tinnitus or hearing loss.

The innovative silicone design of the Flare Calmer means it fits comfortably in our ears to reduce the stress of sound and protect the valuable sense while improving the quality of the sound we hear.

Do you have experience using a Flare Calmer? How do you find it helpful? Why not comment in the space below and share your experience with us.

Sean Kerr lives in Cardiff, Wales, and is a published author with over 10 novels to his name so far and still counting. As well as writing his next bestseller, Sean also runs a successful jewelry-making business and sells his creations online.

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