The 8 Best Budget Turntables for 2024 - Top Affordable Vinyl Record Players

In the resurgence of vinyl, music aficionados are spinning records again, seeking the warmth and nostalgia only a turntable can provide. Yet, amidst this vinyl revival, not everyone is looking to spend a fortune to enjoy their classic LPs and new pressings. Enter the contenders for the best budget turntables of 2024 — a lineup that promises to blend affordability with quality, ensuring the grooves keep turning without flattening your wallet. This year’s picks are more than just record players; they’re a testament to the fact that great music experiences don’t have to come with a premium price tag.

As we delve into the realm of the best turntable on a budget, it’s clear that the market is teeming with options that cater to the casual listener and the audiophile on a shoestring alike. Consumers are prioritizing not just cost but also user-friendliness, feature sets, and, of course, the undeniable allure of a turntable that looks as good as it sounds. Our overview will lay the groundwork while the individual reviews will give you the lowdown on each affordable record player, so you can decide which of this year’s top turntables is your ticket to the vinyl experience. With that said, let’s move forward and delve into the best budget turntables of 2024.

What is the Best Budget Turntable in 2024? :: Full Reviews



Audio-Technica has long held a respected place in the world of sound equipment, and their AT-LP120XBT-USB model stands as a testament to this legacy, especially for those in search of the best budget turntable with wireless capability. This fully manual turntable not only continues the brand’s commitment to high-quality audio but also marries it with the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity. Its direct-drive motor and versatile speed settings ensure that whether it’s a 33-1/3, a 45, or a 78 RPM record spinning, the resulting audio fidelity is impressive. Its dynamic anti-skate control, adjustable tracking force, and the renowned AT-VM95E cartridge are features usually reserved for higher-end models, making this turntable an enticing prospect for those who demand quality without the premium price tag.

Over the past few years, real-world experiences have underscored this turntable’s enduring performance and sonic integrity. Users rave about its lasting quality, noting upgrades to components like the stylus can coax out even more exceptional sound—clear evidence of the turntable’s flexibility. It’s this blend of robustness, quality, and the added convenience of Bluetooth pairing that stands out. Whether it’s through traditional wired connections or modern wireless setups, users find the AT-LP120XBT-USB delivers a premium feel and audio experience that defies its budget-conscious positioning. Its ability to link seamlessly with a variety of speakers and headphones ensures that it sits comfortably at the intersection of traditional hi-fi and contemporary listening habits.

Available exclusively in Black

Popular Upgrades and System Components for the AT-LP120XBT-USB



Audio-Technica, a beacon in the high-fidelity audio landscape since 1962, has always had an ear for excellence. Their AT-LP7 turntable is no exception, embodying a rich legacy with its fully manual, belt-drive design centered around their acclaimed VM cartridge line. This turntable is a testament to Audio-Technica’s commitment to premium sound; its included VM520EB Dual Moving Magnet Cartridge is just the start, offering audiophiles the flexibility to explore the full VM series through easy stylus upgrades. It’s the meticulous craftsmanship, like the J-shaped tone arm inspired by vintage A-T models and the anti-vibration damping materials, that earmarks the AT-LP7 as the best premium turntable of 2024. The stability and precision of its platter rotation speed are unparalleled, promising an authentic and immersive vinyl listening experience.

Selected as the best overall for its harmonious blend of performance, aesthetics, and reliability, the AT-LP7 appeals to both seasoned audiophiles and those new to the vinyl scene. Users rave about the palpable difference in quality when switching to this turntable, citing its substantial build and the absence of resonance that often plagues lesser models. The LP7’s robust MDF chassis and hefty polyoxymethylene platter ensure minimal feedback, allowing the nuanced details of each record to shine. Though some users may have reservations about the price, the consensus among enthusiasts is clear: the AT-LP7 delivers a sonic clarity and durability that justifies the investment. Even its phono stage, while not boasting a subsonic filter, receives nods for its performance, and the thoughtful design of the unhinged dust cover echoes the user-friendly nature of this turntable. With the AT-LP7, Audio-Technica doesn’t just play records; it elevates the entire listening experience.

Available exclusively in Black, as well as bundled with the Audio-Technica AT600R Safety Raiser Kit

Popular Upgrades and System Components for the AT-LP7



The Denon DP-300F presents itself as an oasis in the desert of budget turntables, especially for those seeking the best fully automatic option. Its sturdy construction and ease of use are frequently highlighted by users as the foundation of its appeal. This belt-driven beauty with its built-in phono pre-amp simplifies the vinyl experience without sacrificing the audio quality, a balance that’s crucial for both new enthusiasts and seasoned collectors. With features such as adjustable balance and anti-skating controls, the DP-300F gracefully eliminates the fuss, letting you immerse fully in your music collection.

Feedback from longtime users reflects a sound that is consistently described as warm and inviting, traits that lend themselves to extended listening sessions without fatigue. While some audiophiles suggest upgrading the cartridge for an even richer sound, many agree that, as shipped, this turntable exceeds expectations in its price bracket. It’s a record player that invites you to relish the analog charm of vinyl with the added luxury of automatic operation—a clear winner for those who want to enjoy their records without manual meddling. In comparison to the AT-LP120XBT-USB, the Denon DP-300F trades some flexibility for user-friendliness, making it the perfect companion for those who prioritize convenience and straightforward listening pleasure.

Available exclusively in Black

Popular Upgrades and System Components for the DP-300F



The resurgence of vintage audio gear brings us the Audio-Technica AT-SB727 Sound Burger, an homage to portability without sacrificing sound fidelity. Its belt-drive system is paired with a dynamic balance system tonearm, ensuring records play at the correct pressure and thus maintaining high-quality sound. Audio-Technica has deftly combined this with modern Bluetooth technology, delivering up to 12 hours of wireless listening, which means this compact turntable can easily be the life of a picnic or party.

Users are quick to point out the Sound Burger’s superior audio quality compared to budget-friendly portable turntables. The convenience of Bluetooth pairing and the assurance of a safe, secure needle during transit make it a hit. Nevertheless, the Sound Burger isn’t without its quirks; some users report a minor flutter and a desire for a better clearance to accommodate warping records, alongside a wish list that includes auto shutoff. Yet, these gripes are minor compared to the freedom it offers. It’s a clear favorite for those seeking a reliable, portable record player that doesn’t cut corners on sound quality—indeed a testament to Audio-Technica’s blend of tradition and innovation at a price that appeals to both newcomers and audiophiles on the move.

Available exclusively in Black and Yellow


Best Beginner + Best Modern Aesthetic



Stepping into the realm of vinyl can be as daunting as it is exciting, but Sony’s PS-LX310BT makes the transition smooth with its blend of modern aesthetics and user-friendly features. Strikingly clean in design, the turntable eschews the typical plastic appearance for a more sophisticated look. The simple, one-step auto play function dovetails nicely with its more advanced offerings like easy Bluetooth connectivity and a built-in Phono EQ, catering to both the traditional vinyl enthusiast and the tech-savvy user. Its dual-speed functionality ensures a broad range of playback options.

This record player’s sound quality surpasses expectations, holding its own against vintage turntables that often cost double – a significant feat for what some might label a “starter” unit. It’s the kind of device that anticipates growth: while beginners will find no immediate need to upgrade, the rich, clear playback afforded by the newly designed tone arm means even seasoned collectors will nod in approval. Some users might find the non-replaceable stylus a concern for longevity, but the overall clarity and lack of crackle, even over Bluetooth, cannot be understated. The PS-LX310BT doesn’t just mimic the past; it bridges it to the present, solidifying its position as the best budget turntable for both beginners and those who prioritize a modern touch.

Available exclusively in Black, as well as bundled with the Sony STRDH190 Stereo Receiver and SSCS5 Bookshelf Speakers



The Crosley Voyager takes affordability on a nostalgic journey with its suitcase-style turntable, offering the cheapest turntable experience without the baggage of a hefty price tag. The design exudes a vintage-inspired aesthetic that’s lightweight and ready for any space, while the onboard features invite you to indulge in the tactile pleasure of vinyl, Bluetooth streaming, or both. This is where simplicity meets functionality, spinning 33 1/3, 45, or 78 RPM records with ease, and providing that sought-after vinyl warmth that is often lost in digital translations.

It may not boast the bells and whistles of its pricier counterparts, but what it does, it does with charm. The built-in speakers can surprise you with their quality, although pushing them too hard may reveal their limitations. Still, for those seeking an affordable entry into vinyl’s resurgence, the Voyager proves itself as a competent starter. User experiences often reflect satisfaction with the solid build and the joy of analog sound. With its Bluetooth functionality, even those well-versed in the digital age can find a happy medium, marking the Voyager as a genuine contender for the title of best budget record player for both newcomers and the budget-conscious.

Available in 16 different colors and finishes including Black, Cream, Washed Blue, Botanical Print, and Natural Wood



Audio-Technica continues to strike the perfect chord between quality and value with the AT-LP60XBT-BK, earning its place as the best affordable turntable of the year. This fully automatic, belt-driven wonder brings high-fidelity audio into the wireless realm, marrying the old-school charm of vinyl with the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity. Equipped with a redesigned tonearm for superior tracking and reduced resonance, this turntable delivers an audio experience that punches well above its weight class.

The LP60XBT-BK might not turn heads with its build material, but it’s the performance that speaks volumes, offering features like the aptX codec support that make it a standout choice for sound quality. From dorm rooms to dens, this turntable’s ease of use and Bluetooth range extend its appeal beyond the purists, offering a pathway to high-quality audio for the audiophile-in-training. With a couple of suggested upgrades from users—like an acrylic mat and an upgraded stylus—this player can evolve, providing an enriched sonic experience. It is, perhaps, the best record player affordable enough for beginners yet rich in quality for seasoned ears, capturing the essence of why vinyl persists in a digital age.

Available exclusively in Black, as well as bundled with an Audio-Technica Portable Speaker


Best All-In-One Record Player



Getting involved with vinyl can be as much about the experience as it is the music, and the Victrola 6-in-1 Empire turns that experience up a notch. With its Mid-Century Modern flair, this turntable doesn’t just play records; it’s an homage to the golden age of vinyl with the versatility of modern technology. The in-built Bluetooth feature lets you stream music wirelessly, ensuring that your listening experience is not limited to just vinyl records. Despite its traditional farmhouse exterior, this player serves up a buffet of audio delights—from FM radio to cassettes—with a side of convenient wireless streaming, ideal for both beginners and vintage enthusiasts.

However, don’t let its variety of features distract from the core product; the Empire also delivers solid sound quality. The built-in speakers are surprisingly competent for an all-in-one unit under $200, and while audiophiles might connect external speakers for a richer sound, the casual listener will find the included setup more than satisfactory. Real-world users have found it exceeds expectations for usability and sound quality, debunking the myth that entry-level means compromising on aesthetics or performance. It’s not without its quirks, the cueing lever being a tad brisk, but overall, it’s a fan favorite for those seeking a ‘temporary’ fix that might just become a permanent fixture.

Available in Espresso, Grey, and Walnut

Buyers Guide & FAQ : Best Budget Turntable of 2024

When venturing into the world of vinyl, the turntable is your foundational investment. But in 2024, a limited budget doesn’t mean limited quality. We’ve sifted through the multitude to give you a guide that will make choosing the right budget turntable an easier track to play.

Top Affordable Turntables: What to Expect

You can anticipate a variety of options with a range of features. The best affordable record players will offer a balance between user-friendly operations, quality components, and pleasing aesthetics. Brands like Audio-Technica, Sony, and Pioneer are known for producing reliable turntables that won’t break the bank.

Features to Look For

Sound Quality: At the core of a turntable’s value is its sound. Budget models have made leaps in quality, offering rich and dynamic audio. Look for a well-balanced tonearm, a sturdy platter, and a reliable cartridge — these components are crucial for clear, precise playback.

Build and Materials: Durability matters. Plastic may be less expensive, but it can affect performance and longevity. Seek out turntables with metal or MDF platters and solid construction to ensure stability and durability.

Drive Type: Turntables come as either belt-drive or direct-drive. Belt-drive turntables are praised for their ability to minimize vibration, while direct-drive models offer quicker start times and are often favored by DJs for their durability and speed control.

Manual vs. Automatic: Manual turntables require you to physically place the needle on the record, while automatic turntables do this for you. Semi-automatic options take the needle off the record once it’s finished playing.

Connectivity: In the digital age, connectivity is a consideration. Many modern turntables come with USB ports for digitizing your records or built-in preamps to connect directly to speakers.

Aesthetics: A turntable isn’t just an audio device; it’s a piece of home decor. From retro to modern, choose a style that you’ll love to display.

Features and Extras: Additional features like adjustable feet, anti-skate control, and replaceable cartridges can enhance your experience. Decide which features are must-haves for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can a budget turntable really offer good sound quality?

Absolutely. Many budget turntables are equipped with high-quality needles, precision engineering, and excellent build quality that can rival more expensive models in sound clarity and detail.

Will I need to buy speakers for my turntable?

Some turntables come with built-in speakers, but for the best audio experience, external speakers are recommended. Ensure your turntable has the necessary outputs to connect to your speaker system, which all on our list do. We recommend starting with our picks for best bookshelf speakers under $200$500, and $1000.

What’s the difference between a belt drive and a direct drive?

Belt-drive turntables use an elastic belt to connect the motor to the platter, which can reduce motor noise transmission. Direct-drive turntables have the motor directly under the platter, which can offer more consistent speeds and is preferred by DJs for scratching.

What is a preamp, and do I need one?

A preamp amplifies the signal from the turntable to a level that a regular amplifier or speakers can use. Some turntables come with a built-in preamp, while others require an external one.

How often should I replace the needle or cartridge?

It varies depending on use, but generally, a needle should be replaced every 1,000 hours of playtime. Cartridges can last much longer but should be checked periodically for wear.

Is it difficult to set up a turntable?

Most budget turntables are designed for easy setup. However, some audiophile-grade turntables may require a bit more effort to calibrate for optimal performance.

Can I connect a budget turntable to my computer?

Yes, if the turntable has a USB output. This allows you to digitize your vinyl records and save them on your computer.

Are there any hidden costs I should be aware of?

Consider the cost of accessories like a good-quality record cleaner, stylus cleaner, and potentially a better cartridge or stylus upgrade down the line.

Do turntables come with a warranty?

Most do. The length and terms of the warranty can vary, so check the manufacturer’s warranty policy before purchasing.

Final Points

In summary, the best budget turntable is one that offers a seamless blend of quality, features, and design that suits your individual needs without stretching your finances. With the resurgence of vinyl, manufacturers are catering to a broader audience, ensuring that even the more frugal among us can enjoy the rich, immersive sound of a record player. Whether you’re taking your first steps into vinyl or looking to upgrade, the right turntable is out there waiting to spin your favorite tunes.