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What We Don't Like

Samson is one of those brands that makes versatile audio equipment. Their MediaOne BT3 are among the most versatile budget studio monitor speakers under $100. Let’s take a closer look and find out what these have to offer.


When you are dealing with speakers that costs as cheap as these, you can’t really expect to see a complex design. Samson MediaOne BT3 offer a simple, clean look with cabs that are covered with black satin vinyl. Front baffles are probably the only detail that has unique character.

Samson went with integrated grilles on both of the transducers, where the larger driver sits in a rigid surround as well as the tweeter. The front of the active speaker is where your volume knob is going to be located, as well as headphones and AUX ports. Power switch is at the back, which is also where you will find the Bluetooth button.

Generally, these monitors look simple enough to fit into any interior design you have. Aside from the Samson logo on each cab, there isn’t really much to disrupt those satin black surfaces. We personally find this attractive.


A pair of Samson MediaOne BT3 will pack a 1″ tweeter and a 3″ driver each. Being active means that you don’t have to have any other equipment in order to use them. Combined, the two speakers offer some 30 Watts RMS or 15 Watts per unit. Peak power is limited at 60 Watts for both units.

Samson definitely didn’t take the conservative route to designing monitor speakers. Instead, they went with something that would be a bit more general purpose in nature. One detail that supports this fact is full AV shielding, making the Samson MediaOne BT3 completely protected from interference coming from any nearby electronics.

Their decision to include Bluetooth into the mix is quite unusual for this price range, but only adds to the overall versatility. Overall, the hardware tells us that Samson MediaOne BT3 have quite a few tricks up their sleeve.


When it comes to performance, things are decent. You won’t get a flat response as you’d want in a pair of monitor speakers, but that’s not something we hold against Samson. The deal with affordable monitors is that they are all biased. With these, you are getting that same bias, but with a whole lot of cool features.

Since the woofer driver is a 3″ unit, there is no real bass response. Back firing ports definitely do help, but there is only so much they can really do. When measured using a decent microphone, you will find that the graph is a bit wavy. Even so, you can still get a good sense of what your mix needs.

You may not be able to notice every single detail, but these are definitely better than using general purpose speakers in the same price range. Samson has made these to be highly versatile, which means that you can use them as desktop speakers as well.

The Rumble:

Decent, highly functional set of speakers that come with a fair bit of features. These will get you an acceptable level of sound quality as a beginner producer. With that said, expect to grow out of them rather soon.