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If there’s one thing PreSonus understands, it is good sound. Their Eris series of monitors made quite a few shock waves on the market. Eris 4.5 has proven to be one of the best monitors in the $200 range.


From a distance, there isn’t much that would tell you PreSonus Eris 4.5 are any different from your average affordable monitors. Cabs are made of standard MDF and feature a pretty neutral design. There are no grilles over main drivers, although tweeters do come with an integrated mini grille. Speaking of tweeters, there are no horns or anything similar.

Pretty clean and basic design. However, it is fair to say that PreSonus chose a rather attractive exterior design. Eris 4.5 will fit into just about any surrounding you put them in. With their dark gray finish, these come across as pretty uniform in terms of aesthetics. The only thing that really breaks this theme are those bright blue PreSonus logos on each unit. It is fair to say that PreSonus invest far more time and effort into the actual performance of Eris series in general. After all, looks don’t make for good speakers.


As you would expect, Eris E4.5 are active 2-way speakers that come with a Class A/B amplifier. The amp is capable of delivering some 50 Watts in total, which means that you get 25 Watts per speaker. When it was first released, many users were skeptical about those 4.5″ drivers. After all, they are so close to the bare minimum 3″ units we see in affordable monitors these days.

The thing is that these Kevlar transducers pack a mean punch. On top of each, you will find a 1″ ultra low mass, silk dome tweeter sitting comfortably behind the grille we have mentioned earlier. Together, these two transducers are capable of quite a lot. On the back side, there are several interesting features. I/O cluster consists of balanced TRS and unbalanced RCA inputs. Right next to them, you’ll find acoustic tuning controls with Mid and High knobs as well as a low pass filter. On top of that, there is also an Acoustic Space control that tightens frequency response if necessary.


Here’s where things get really juicy. Even though what we’re looking at here is a 4.5″ driver, this member of the Eris series is probably the most well-rounded of them all. Frequency response is flat, much more than anyone expected. Right out of the box, these will sound awesome. However, they might pack more bass than we’d like. Fortunately for us, acoustic controls in the back can take care of that problem with a single push of a switch. Generally speaking, Eris E4.5 are extremely versatile and flexible.

Even if you are working in a pretty confined space, these monitors will give you a pretty respectable performance. Power output is well balanced, being just right for a home studio. What’s great about these is the fact that a beginner can enjoy them every bit as much as an advanced user. PreSonus Eris E4.5 are the type of speakers that will keep up with you as you evolve your skills.

The Rumble:

PreSonus made a lot of shock waves on the market with their affordable Eris series. These speakers are cheap, optimized for performance and definitely can hold their own even against more expensive counterparts. Within their price range, Eris E4.5 are among the best models available.