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Neumann is a name that inspires confidence when it comes to studio monitor speakers. Their KH 120 A perfectly explains why this is the case. This is one of the most accurate monitors under $1000.


One glance at the Neumann KH 120 A doesn’t reveal much. As a matter of fact – from a distance, these look like your average budget speakers. However, as you come closer you start to notice subtle and some not so subtle details.

First thing first, Neumann used high-quality aluminum to build the cabs. Each of the joints and seams is borderline perfect. In other words, these give off exactly zero vibrations when in use. Their somewhat simple appearance hides a very clinically precise design. The profile of the baffle and all of the waveguides are a result of meticulous mathematical calculations.

Neumann definitely went all out in order to get you precision likes of which you will rarely find elsewhere in this price range. As expected, this heavily shaped the performance of these monitors. The main driver comes with a metallic grille that serves as protection but also makes Neumann KH 120 A more aesthetically appealing.


Compared to some other designs available in this price range, Neumann KH 120 A utilizes the simple and many times proven format. The reason why this monitor stands out so much from its immediate competition is due to the features and manufacturing process used.

Speakers are powered by an analog Class A/B bi-amplifier. Eachspeaker gets 50 Watts, giving you a total of 100 Watts per speaker at 111.1 dB Max SPL. Amps comfortably crossover at 2.0 kHz at 24 dB/octave. The rear panel reveals a few interesting features as well. The first thing that caught our eye is the three-band acoustic control with separate sliders for Bass, Low-Mid, and Trebles.

On top of that, you can also adjust the output level at 1m, which is the closest Neumann recommends you listen to these. Even though its default performance is worthy of praise, these additional tone shaping options make the KH 120 a truly professional tool.


One you turn everything on, only then will you realize what you have in your possession. There are many monitors out there which can be described as flat, or transparent. However, Neumann KH 120 A pushes that limit a lot further. For starters, if you were to measure this speaker using various equipment you would find that the frequency range is accurate to a Hertz.

A similar thing applies to the frequency response in all parts of the spectrum. This thing is just clinical to a point where it is almost too hard to believe. In all honesty, a set of Neumann’s KH 120 A would fit right in every professional recording studio on the planet if nothing more niche was available. At the risk of sounding too dramatic, these monitors might be a slight overkill for desktop use and music production at home.

The only real issue you will run into is a slight hiss from that tweeter if you come closer than 1m from the speaker. Considering all of the benefits, that is something we will gladly turn a blind eye to.

The Rumble:

Clinical, sterile precision that is extremely hard to find these days. KH 120 A monitors from Neumann are the real tools for serious professionals which you can have in your home. There is absolutely no doubt about that.