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Founded by Keith Klawitter in 1986, KRK Systems has been building specialist equipment for the best part of thirty years. On their design philosophy, they say “it starts in the heart, and it starts with the truth”. So enjoy that.


Each Rokit 6 G3 comes in at around 11 and a half inches by 13 inches, and weighs just under 19 pounds. As is the case in the overwhelming majority of anything except the very top end of speakers, the cabinets are made primarily out of medium-density fiberboard. The finish is a matte black vinyl wrap which adds a nice, classic look to the speakers. All in all, this gives the impression of a classic design which has been updated subtly to accommodate a more modern aesthetic.

One of the hallmarks of KRK’s designs is the yellow cone driver at the bottom, and these studio monitors are no different. It won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but it certainly adds some visual flair to a device which much of the competition don’t bother to address with any sense of aesthetic interest. The KRK logo on the front lights up in a pleasing yellow and white whenever the speakers are powered on, and this is another nice touch.


On the back panel, you will find the normal three-pronged AC input, balanced TRS and XLR inputs, and an unbalanced RCA input as well. Alongside the power switch, there are three dials with KRK-yellow markings which all control various aspects of playback. First, you’ve got the volume control measured in decibels. Then there’s a high frequency adjuster (which allows you to choose between -2dB, -1dB, flat, and +1dB) and a low frequency control (which offers -2dB, -1dB, flat, and +2dB options).

All of this means there’s quite a lot of minute control on offer when it comes to the quality of playback you are looking for. And it’s worth noting again that the back panel is a far nicer bit of design than many other studio monitors at this price in particular, the yellow markings help to add a little flair.

Each of the 6 inch woofers is driven by a 48-watt amplifier, and a 25-watt amp is tasked with providing the same for the high frequency drivers.


Across our tests, the lasting impression was that the Rokit 6 G3s performed far better than anticipated. In particular, we were delighted to find that these speakers can deliver a huge presence in terms of sheer volume and power without ever approaching distortion or clipping. For their small size, this is a thoroughly impressive feat.

Most of our complaints are ones which are endemic to the design rather than specific to this model. Bass is never going to be as relatively powerful and punchy as it would be in a larger pair of speakers; the speed and accuracy that you might find in an active suspension design is lacking from this vented enclosure based pair.

But, all in all, the sound quality for this price point and form factor is quite remarkable, and the low- and high-frequency customization options on offer take it to the next level.

The Rumble:

Whilst KRK’s garish yellow woofer design may give the appearance of a gimmicky speaker, this could not be further from the truth. The sound quality is simply exceptional for this price point and form factor. A very strong choice.

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