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Apie Outdoor speaker is one of the cheapest waterproof Bluetooth speakers you can find at the moment. Today we are going to take a closer look at this model and see what it has to offer.


Design wise, Apie Outdoor looks fairly attractive and way better than you would expect at its price. Apie went with an OD green theme with orange accents here and there. The chassis is fairly sturdy and durable, while it is anything but basic.

There are several reinforced components on there which definitely inspire confidence. Grille is large but well implemented into the design, while the controls are located at the top side of the speaker. All in all, Apie Outdoor looks exactly how you would imagine an outdoor speaker.

What is really great about it is its weight. It weighs less than a pound. That alone makes it a great companion for camping as well as hiking. Every experienced hiker will tell you that grams turn to ounces and ounces to pounds real quick. Having something as light as this on you makes life so much easier on longer trails.


In terms of features, you are looking at two drivers behind the grille, each capable of delivering some 5 Watts of power. In other words, the overall power output of the Apie Outdoor is around 10 Watts. Considering its price and size, that’s fairly impressive. Apie Outdoor features the IPX6 level of protection.

Unlike it is the case with a large number of other cheap Bluetooth speakers, Apie Outdoor actually meets this standard in full. The package of features you get with Apie Outdoor is fairly standard. There is your Bluetooth support with the average range of 33 ft. Then we have the built in microphone that allows you to turn the speaker into a hands free device.

Quality of microphone is about as good as you would expect it to be, but it works. Battery is a 2200mAh unit, giving you some 8-10 hours of operation depending on the volume you go with.


Out in the field, Apie Outdoor performs better than expected. With two small drivers behind the grille, no one really looked forward to a stellar audiophile experience. With that in mind, Apie Outdoor has proven that cheap and small speakers are perfectly capable of delivering good performance.

Trebles and mids are there and tight while the lows are limited to say the least. This type of sound is perfectly normal for this segment of the market but we have to give it to Apie for delivering it at a price that is more than competitive. Volume is an issue in a sense that you have access to 4 Watts combined. However, it will saturate a smaller room with plenty of success.

The IPX6 level of protection means that Apie Outdoor is water resistant rather than waterproof. This speaker shouldn’t be submerged under water, but it can take a splash here and there.

The Rumble:

Very decent package for the money, especially considering the IPX6 level of protection. Apie Outdoor offer plenty of value at a very low price point. All in all, it is a competitive speaker in a highly saturated segment.