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With more and more recording artists going mobile and recording on iPhones and iPads, the PreSonus AudioBox iTwo is a great option for those types of people, allowing use with not just an iPad, but also Mac and Windows computers.


This little USB interface is no bigger than eight inches on any side and it comes fully loaded with a preamp for each input and the option for recording with phantom power.

The hard-case body gives you confidence in its durability, especially important if you’re a mobile recording artist. The front of the device is pretty straight-forward – two inputs with a gain knob for each and a button to switch between XLR and quarter-inch, a master volume knob, a headphone output knob, and a volume knob for both the inputs and the playback.

When you buy this interface, you’ll also get software Studio Magic software suite, which is meant to elevate the quality of your analog instruments and provide virtual instruments. It has 27 effects, four virtual instruments, and over 6 GB of beats and samples.

The design is simple and basic, and getting software with it is definitely a plus.


The feature that makes this interface stand out from its competing audio interfaces is that it is built for compatibility with an iPad. Basically, anywhere your iPad goes, your studio goes. It also comes with Capture Duo, a free iPad app that works with the AudioBox iTwo, allowing two-channel recording.

Let’s say that while you’re traveling, you get a killer idea for a song you’ve been working on. With this recording system, you can whip out your iPad, record the idea, then beam the audio file via WiFi and make it available on your computer. If you want to think outside the box, you could try recording an entire song (or album?) on your iPad, then edit and mix everything from your computer.

The AudioBox iTwo 2×2 pretty much has what you need for simple home recordings. The key is to get all of its features working together in harmony and avoid hiccups along the way.


Remember how we said this interface promises two-channel recording via your iPad? That may not mean exactly what you think it means. What happens when you use the two-channel recording on an iPad is that both of the input channels are combined and sent to your computer as dual mono channels. This could be a negative thing to a lot of people, so it’s something to keep in mind before buying.

Also, some users have reported issues with setup, whether it’s downloading the software successfully or that the setup is too complicated. But most of the time, people using this device are very happy with the quality of the audio they’re getting as well as being able to record with their iPad.

The Rumble:

The AudioBox iTwo 2×2 is unique in that it allows you to record ideas from your iPad and send them to your project on your computer. It’s a great audio interface for artists recording on the go.

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