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Adam Audio is one of those brands that offers consistency to their users. A7X studio monitor is a great example of what this means in practice. On top of that, it’s one of the most interesting monitors under $1000.


A7X series of studio monitors are actually the next evolution of Adam Audio’s popular A7 model. If there’s anything we can say about Adam Audio, it is that they are always in search of perfection. Because of that, it doesn’t come as a surprise that they took a fairly good speaker and redone just about everything about it.

The design of the cabinet is pretty standard. However, they worked towards eliminating all and any risks of vibrations or other disturbances that could impact the quality of sound. Unlike most other monitors out there, A7X features Volume and power controls at the front of the speaker. This is also where its two ports are at as well.

Overall, even though they appear to be somewhat cumbersome, Adam Audio A7X are actually compact enough to be used without any issues. This goes for both home and studio applications. Lastly, it is worth mentioning that the monitor looks fairly attractive thanks to the color combinations Adam Audio went with.


Looking over the specs of the A7X, you will notice one pretty interesting detail. Just like many other monitors out there, you get two transducers. There’s one 7″ mid woofer that takes care of the mids and the lower portion of the frequency range, but also a 2″ tweeter.

Instead of going with a standard dome tweeter, Adam Audio chose to use a ribbon unit instead. These particular transducers belong to their X-ART series and offer quite a bit of advantage. However, they are also more expensive to produce. In terms of controls and inputs, you are looking at your standard room acoustics controls with HF and LF equalizers as well as tweeter level control.

Amps which run the speakers are a Class D type units that push a maximum of 75 Watts per speaker.Max SPL is set at some 106dB, which is a pretty comfortable value for home and studio use.


Where Adam Audio A7X stands out from its competition is the definition in the upper ends of the spectrum. That is where the X-ART ribbon tweeter comes in. Ribbons are naturally capable of withstanding higher max SPL, which gives them a certain type of an edge. The clarity and accuracy in this portion of the frequency range are just astonishing.

As you move down to the bass spectrum, things get a bit beefier but without too much of an impact on transparency. Even when you start scratching the bottom the range, there is still more than enough vibrant response. In simple terms, these are definitely one of the more accurate speakers available at the moment. Acoustic adjustments you can apply to the monitors will work well with a variety of rooms and spaces.

It takes some time to get used to the output of the A7X, although not in a bad way. You could say that these monitors are simply different.

The Rumble:

Adam Audio A7X offer a slightly different approach to monitoring and scanning. With that said, these are very transparent which makes them a prime model for music production of any kind, especially if you need definition in the higher end.