What We Like

What We Don't Like

Based out of Irvine, California, VIZIO bills itself as the #1 soundbar brand in America based on domestic sales figures between 2014 and 2017. That’s a pretty big deal, and you don’t get there by making poor quality products.


The first thing to note about the C6s is that they are a comparatively compact design. Coming in at just 29 inches in length, this is a fairly small design as soundbars go which is an attractive addition to any audio setup.

VIZIO has spared no expense on the aesthetic, and the C6s are a surprisingly luxurious design. Soundbars do not tend to offer a whole lot of real estate when it comes to creating truly interesting and original designs, but this device does a great deal with the minimal space it has to work within.

The watchword here is ‘minimalist’. A simple, block design, the C6s are primarily black with silver accents. This is a hugely versatile look which will work well within almost every possible use case. They are good looking without being flashy, and afford you the opportunity to make as much of them as a visual centrepiece of your audio kit as you would like to.


Depending on your particular needs and requirements, the C6 can be installed on a table top or wall mounted. This provides a good amount of extra flexibility to a device for which the form factor and aesthetic are both already incredibly versatile, and means you should not struggle to find a suitable place for the soundbar in whichever room and configuration best suits you.

At this price point, you are not likely to find a whole bunch of extra features as the main focus of the product is on ensuring as high quality an audio experience as possible for your money rather than on unnecessarily bloating the feature list with superfluous extras. That said, you will find a remote control included which worked pretty well compared to some similarly priced offerings from other companies. It is also a far nicer design than many competing products, and whereas many brands seem to cut corners when it comes to the build quality of their remote controls, VIZIO has done quite the opposite ensuring that the remote feels every bit as premium as the C6 itself.


Bluetooth connectivity worked seamlessly, and we did not experience any hiccups or audio errors when streaming from multiple devices to the soundbar even beyond the recommended range of the C6. It’s a minor point, but always worth noting that the remote control also works well and is not limited by the constraints of a poorly placed sensor like many other devices at this price point.

In terms of audio, it’s really quite difficult to find fault with what VIZIO have managed to pack into the comparatively small frame of the C6 soundbar. Operating up to an impressive 95dB, the sound remained almost entirely free from distortion even when maxing out what was possible to produce.

The overall effect was one that is best described as crisp. The bass, especially, does well to retain a lot of character and definition even when turned up pretty high, and it never falls into the usual pitfall of becoming muddy and drowning out the rest of the track. Highs soar and are just as punch as you would like, and mids feel like they have a lot of room to breathe within the mix. All in all, a very robust and solid experience.

The Rumble:

For the money you’re spending, VIZIO has managed to cram in a whole lot of quality into the relatively small frame of the C6. A gorgeous design, the audio experience has all the hallmarks of a much more expensive device.