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What We Don't Like

Finding a solid rugged Bluetooth speaker is easy, but still requires some consideration. Trakk GO is by far one of the best choices when it comes to waterproof Bluetooth designs. Today we are going to find out why.


The cool thing about Trakk GO is just how simple it is. We are looking at the most plain looking speaker cabinet that wasn’t designed to impress you with its flashy nature, but rather provide protection to the components inside, as well as offer functional use.

Trakk went with a dark gray grille over black plastic body. The only thing that breaks these darker colors is a white outline around the grille. The speaker is IP67 certified, meaning that it is water resistant as well as dust proof. It might not be the perfect speaker to dunk in the sea or pool, but you abso lutely don’t have to worry about getting it wet. All of the controls are located on the top of the speaker, making it really easy to adjust volume or anything else for that matter.

Lastly, Trakk installed two metal loops on each side of the speaker which allow you to carry the speaker with a strap.


For a relatively affordable outdoors speaker, Trakk GO sure is packed with lots of features. On a first glance, you might not think it strays from the mediocrity of its segment. However, things are different once we go deeper. To start things off, we have two 10 Watt drivers which are full range in nature and capable of covering a good portion of the frequency range.

Trakk Go offers Bluetooth 4.0 support as well as NFC functionality. While this is slowly becoming a standard, we are still rarely seeing these features offered in affordable Bluetooth speakers. The IP67 certification is legitimate, which can be seen if you inspect the body of the speaker a bit closer. There are just tiny little details that indicate how well this standard has been implemented.

Battery life offers 12 hours of operation at reasonable volume, although you can definitely blast your favorite tunes at loud volume for good 8 hours.


The tone quality Trakk GO delivers is great to say the least. Trakk’s selection of drivers was a good one. The response across the frequency range feels instant and natural. Trebles are not as bright as you would expect, and actually offer some warmth. Mids are decently wide with lots of depth, especially in the bottom segment. Lows are tight, but ultimately not all that big. We can’t really blame Trakk for this.

You will hardly find a portable Bluetooth speaker in this price range that delivers thumping bass. When it comes to water and dirt resistance, things are about as good as they get. IP67 is a very high standard of protection, so you should be able to take your Trakk GO with you just about anywhere. Naturally, testing the limits of IP67 is not really a good idea, but you definitely don’t have to worry about your Trakk GO getting wet.

The Rumble:

The general vibe Trakk GO gives off is a positive one. This speaker feels well made and well thought out. In terms of waterproof Bluetooth speakers, it is one of the best you can grab right now.