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What We Don't Like

TaoTronics is one of those brands that prove that affordable soundbars don’t need to look or feel cheap. As a matter of fact, their TT-SK15 is among the best looking and best sounding models you can get under $100.


TaoTronics really pushed the standards higher when it comes to affordable soundbar design. Their TT-SK15 is a very sleek unit that will fit well with even more expensive systems. Sure, it is still a boxy bar, but even from a distance, you can clearly see that it just looks different. They went with an extruded parallelogram, which spices things up but still makes the bar easy to position as well as to mount on a wall. Build quality is excellent and it shows when you glide your fingers over any of TT-SK15’s surfaces.

The most interesting thing about its design are the controls. Where most brands offer buttons, TaoTronics decided to go with a touch cluster in the middle of the soundbar. While having such features doesn’t add anything to the performance of the soundbar, it makes it look and feel that much better. With that said, the performance is pretty decent, to say the least, but more on that later.


One place where TT-SK15 shows some compromises are its features. Underneath all that nice looking housing, we find four 10 Watt full range drivers. These are complimented by two bass reflex tubes, which are pretty basic in nature, but relatively effective. One look at the I/O panel reveals some of the limitations of the TT-SK15. You get the usual 3.5mm, optical, coax and RCA AUX inputs, but there is no port for an extension subwoofer if you ever decide to get one.

This is pretty surprising seeing how an extension port is a more or less standard feature in much less expensive models. With that in mind, TaoTronics did include Bluetooth support that allows you to use this soundbar in a wireless mode should you want to. On top of that, there is also the standard remote control. Whether or not the lack of subwoofer extension is important to you might make the TT-SK15 more or less attractive.


Performance wise, TaoTronics TT-SK15 falls smack dead in the middle of what we are used to seeing in this price range. The fact that it comes with four speakers instead of two, does a lot to fill out the air with volume and definition. However, those additional speakers aren’t voiced too differently from what we are used to. Highs are pretty clear with enough detail while mids are powerful. Moving into the low end of the frequency range does show a less thumpy response, but the bass is not really all that hard.

This comes as no surprise considering the nature of the full range drivers TT-SK15 delivers. All in all, you are looking at a capable soundbar that brings a lot of volume and audio quality improvement compared to your TV. It does have some limitations but those are well within the limits of acceptable. Overall, TT-SK15 offers good performance across the board.

The Rumble:

If you are a budget user looking for a stylish soundbar, you will hardly find anything that looks better than the TT-SK15. The performance is also there, making it a pretty great unit that has the looks but also the sound.