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SVS Ultra bookshelf speakers represent the top tier choice in this class of speakers. As such, they are absolutely one of the most exotic bookshelf speakers you can get for around $1000. Let’s take a closer look.


SVS sound has definitely taken bookshelf speakers to their limits. In many ways, it is questionable whether SVS Ultra can be even considered a bookshelf design. Their large size nearly pushes them out of this category. SVS Ultra cabinets appear to be simple at a first glance, however, things change when you come closer.

They have used high-quality black oak veneer that features advanced bracing and a wedge-shaped front baffle. While it still looks somewhat boxy, SVS Ultra cabinets are optimized for best possible resonance reduction. The finish on these is outstanding. It’s a type of piano-gloss black lacquer that gives the Ultras a rather refined appearance. Even the grille is on a whole different level.

Instead of taking the standard route, SVS has decided to go with a cloth grille. Overall, you get a familiar yet stylish look that fits in everywhere and can be both classy as well as modern.


As you would expect, a speaker of this type comes loaded with features. Starting with transducers, we see a 1″aluminum dome tweeter that sits in an FEA optimized diffuser. Underneath that, we see a 6.5″ composite glass fiber cone woofer. SVS fitted this unit out with a long strong motor along with suspension, making capable of high output on demand.

Naturally, the speakers are bound with a 2-way crossover. SVS spared no expenses on this thing. If you were to pull it out, you would see top tier capacitors, heavy duty PCBs and similar. SVS recommends that you use a 20-150 Watt amplifiers in order to get best results with Ultra bookshelf speakers. We will add to that recommendation and advise you to use a decent quality amplifier if possible, as there is so much potential in these transducers that is just waiting to be tapped.


When it comes to SVS speakers, you can expect a certain level of excellence. Their Ultra bookshelf speakers are kept to the same standards as any other model they offer. Fortunately for us, Ultra bookshelf speakers perform exceptionally well. The response you get is relatively transparent across the range. That doesn’t mean you won’t get a good tone color. On the contrary. However, these are pretty quick to adapt to whatever you are listening at the moment.

SVS claims 87dB sensitivity, which is easily tested if you take the time to measure the output. Trebles are crispy, vibrant and quick. Midrange is wide but contained while the lower end response packs enough girth. If you were to measure out the output, you would find clinical precision that matches exactly what SVS claims in the specs. With that said, these would definitely benefit from having a dedicated subwoofer to cover the bottom portion of the frequency range.

The Rumble:

Rarely are there bookshelf speakers that can justify a premium price. However, SVS Ultra are definitely an exception to this rule. If you can drop a grand on a set of speakers, these should be on top of your list.