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The Arc Star by Seventh Sense represents the high-end segment of levitating Bluetooth speaker market. In many ways, it is the best speaker of this type available at the moment. We are about to see why that is the case.


Let’s be real here for a moment. One quick glance at Arc Star will tell you all you need to know about where Seventh Sense got their inspiration from. In their defense, it was a low hanging fruit. It is fair to say that this speaker would be named Death Star if it wasn’t for those pesky copyright laws.

Anyways, what we have here is an awesome looking speaker that is made of textured dark gray plastics. The orb features that iconic depression found on the Death Star, while both the base and the orb come with bright green LED lights. On the orb, these are implemented as a strip that runs around the “waist”.

The ones on the base are positioned in a cross pattern. Build quality is great, to say the least, and the whole thing inspires confidence. Color scheme they chose is pretty easy to fit in just about any interior design.


One of the more interesting design choices on the Arc Star is the fact that the speaker inside the orb is downward firing. Most other levitating orb designs have their speaker at the top. Does this impact the performance in any significant way? Probably not, but it makes for a smoother looking product.

Arc Star supports both the Bluetooth 4.0 and the NFC connectivity. This puts in on a level where only a few other levitating speakers can be found. The base features a USB port so that you can charge your smart devices. In terms of playtime, the built-in battery will give you up to 8 hours of operation on a single charge.

That is pretty much the average across the entire segment. Seventh Sense made the right call to keep the features to a balanced minimum. Adding anything else would put this speaker at a price range where it probably wouldn’t be as attractive.


In terms of performance, you are looking at a very good balance of power, sound quality, and good old levitation. Before we get into the thick of it, we have to talk about levitation for a moment. Most speakers of this type levitate ever so slightly above the base. Not Arc Star.

It does a solid 10mm, which is a gap you can actually see. Thesound is very decent for considering the size of the speaker. Since it is a single full range driver in there, you have to be realistic with the expectations. Highs and mids are pretty good while lows are there as well.

You can’t get a thumping bass out of something like this, however, the low-end response kicks in hard enough to fill out the bottom end. In other words, you will notice bass in your music, but it won’t shake the windows when you crank the volume up.

The Rumble:

Seventh Sense Arc Star represents one of the most polished out versions of a levitating Bluetooth speaker. They went above and beyond to iron out every detail of the concept, as well as give you an iconic design.