What We Like

What We Don't Like

Samsung holds the title as a brand that offered and still offers a lot of top-notch and affordable soundbars. One of their more popular models is the HW-M360ZA. So far, it has shown to be among the best units under $200.


When it comes to design, Samsung didn’t really stir the waters too much. To an extent, sticking with the most basic layout is to be expected in this price range. Most brands are trying to attract customers with a good performance more so than the appearance. With that said, it is obvious that HW-M360ZA is one of the cleaner looking soundbars of this type. The entire body of the speaker is wrapped in a fine dark gray grille, with only the side plates being solid. On the other hand, there is the subwoofer.

Unlike most of its immediate competitors, Samsung went with a rear firing port that is pretty tiny compared to the size of the cab. If you are wondering whether or not this soundbar will fit aesthetically with your setup, chances are it will. This design right here is about as neutral as they come. On top of that, the bar can be mounted on a wall should you want to.


Feature wise, the story of Samsung HW-M360ZA shows even more of that balanced nature. You have two full range drivers in the soundbar itself, along with a subwoofer cone in the sub. With that said, Samsung has designed this bar to be a part of a much larger system. If you want to get that full 5.1 surround experience, there is a package of wireless speakers which work perfectly with this soundbar.

In terms of what it can do, HW-M360ZA packs some 200 Watts of power. Samsung went with Dolby Digital surround system, which is a proven and rather solid choice. HW-M360ZA does come with Bluetooth support as well as a wireless connection for the TV. Samsung ships these with a remote control, although there is an app you can download and control the device with your phone.


One of the main anticipated weak points in this soundbar’s design was the wireless link between the subwoofer and the bar itself. However, it turned out to be great. Bass reaches on time and in force, even though the cone and the port are both smaller than what we are used to seeing. Speaking of ports, since it is a rear firing design, you will have to be careful where you put the sub. Set it too close to a wall and you will be in trouble.

Overall, trebles and mids are more or less on point. Dialogue is easy to hear and comes across as pretty defined. When you put some music on, you will notice that common bass bias. The good thing about a small port/cone setup is that these can’t muffle the output too much. Instead, everything comes across as balanced. This is a perfect setup for a smaller to medium sized room.

The Rumble:

Great soundbar with lots of potential and expansion options. The sound is great, on point and feels balanced. Considering its price, we can’t recommend this model enough. Especially to those users working with a tight budget.