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Samsung’s J series have been the go-to high-end soundbars for a long time. HW-J6500 gives you a taste of what the series is all about, and is among the most capable soundbars you can get for less than $1000.


The very first thing you will notice about this soundbar is its unusual design. We are talking about a curved geometry that is rarely seen on the market. “Why” – you might wonder? Well, Samsung has designed these soundbars specifically to go with their curved TVs. However, you can use them for whatever setup you are running. Being 42″ long, HW-J6500 is anything but small. Samsung went with a sandwiched design where the grille is only found at the front of the bar and on its side panels.

Everything else is hard plastic housing. This is one thing that is pretty surprising. Considering the price of this soundbar, we expected a lot more aluminum to be used. However, it still inspires confidence. Seeing how the soundbar is curved, you would guess that it is not wall mountable. Samsung actually ships these out with a wall mount that allows you to hang them up.


One of the things you won’t have to worry about are the features. Samsung HD-J6500 is chock full of them. Let’s start by saying that this bar and its wireless subwoofer get you some 320 Watts of power being delivered through 6 drivers and one hefty bass cone. Among the numerous features you can see Multiroom support, Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio system, compatibility with just about any media format in use today, and of course, HDMI support. If you have a Samsung TV, you can actually connect the system using Bluetooth.

Speaking of which, HW-J6500 can be fully controlled via Bluetooth and a mobile app. There are several EQ modes on the remote, allowing you to shape the sound to cater for whatever media you are enjoying at the moment. While Samsung has much more expensive and complex soundbars within the same family, this model shares the majority of flagship features.


The real question regarding the curved nature of the HW-J6500 was how good it was in terms of sound quality. All fears will disappear the moment you connect the system and dial in the bass. There is a crispy definition in the highs, girth in mids and just an abundance of bass from the subwoofer. With that said, if you want to experience the true potential of HW-J6500’s ability to create an immersive sound stage, you will need to tweak the subwoofer until you find something that works for you. Otherwise, it can get pretty boomy very quickly.

On top of delivering a very good quality of sound, this soundbar can go as loud as you need it to. Even as you reach the very limits of its capabilities, you won’t run into distortion. Everything stays pretty tight right until you max out. By that point, you probably won’t have any hearing left.

The Rumble:

Great system for those who need a bit of finesse in both styling and performance of their soundbar. We are missing some much-needed satellite speakers, but overall this setup works very well. Great system by all means.