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Whether you’re a performing DJ or just a keen music-maker, this advanced RP-8000 from Reloop screams innovation and modern features, while holding the accolade of being the first Serato-supported turntable on the market. Let’s see what’s on offer!


While the features steal the show, the design of the RP-8000 is still very-much worth a mention, as it’s a very simple but stylish turntable that feels pretty indestructible – perfect for high-energy gigs and traveling from club to club.

It’s built using die-cast aluminum with a sophisticated black metallic finish, and very minimal branding. This turntable shares a lot in looks with the other Super OEM turntables, and both DJs and audiophiles will feel comfortable with the layout of the controls.

Unlike some similar turntables, the RP-8000 features a plastic base, which makes it a little lighter and easier to carry, without sacrificing much vibration resistance – especially with the addition of shock-proof feet. Overall we’re big fans of the look – Reloop manage to cram a lot onto the deck, without it becoming too cluttered.


The RP-8000 features a powerful quartz-driven direct drive motor with adjustable torque and a high-end fully-adjustable tonearm. The controls are perhaps the most interesting feature, especially the MIDI control strip to the left of the platter, which is pre-mapped for Serato DJ.

The intuitive system offers eight nice-feeling MIDI buttons, with an additional four buttons to change between different modes: Cue, Loop, Sample and Slicer. On the right you’ll find a fully-digital high-resolution pitch control slider with the digital pitch LCD display above, as well as the usual suspects – two start/stop buttons and a reverse switch.

At the back this deck offers two USB connections (with one included cable) – for connecting to your computer as well as linking to up to four other turntables. You’ll also find it’s equipped with a line/phono switch for direct connection to the line inputs of mixers or amps, meaning no grounding is required.


The RP-8000 really is a gigging DJ’s dream and, for the price, is a top performer. Pioneer have managed to stack a great deal of controls into a relatively small space and as such is a versatile machine. The addition of the MIDI controls right next to the platter are groundbreaking; the multi-functional pads meaning loops can be set and triggered – giving you endless scope for creativity. Controls aside, its strong and durable construction means it’s able to survive the toughest nights in the club.

The direct drive motor is built like other Super OEM turntables, and is both powerful and built to last. It offers even and precise speeds (a good range – 33, 44, and 78 RPM), and is excellent for quick cuts and scratching. Some set-up will be needed out of the box and, with so many controls, it’s definitely a machine aimed at experienced DJs over casual home users.

The Rumble:

Overall the RP-8000 just about justifies its premium price tag, and proves a good purchase for gigging DJs who want something with as much power and reliability as other Super OEMs, but with a little more scope for creativity.