What We Like

What We Don't Like

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your DJing rig and want the reliability of a strong industrial design with the control and flexibility of a fully-adjustable turntable, Reloop may just have what you’re looking for with their RP-7000.


The RP-7000 boasts a road-ready, scratch-resistant build that feels more than capable of taking a knock. But it remains an attractive turntable, with branding kept to a minimum and the metallic black finish of the base contrasting nicely with the silver accents of the controls, tonearm and aluminum ridge of the platter. A solid and simple design, but one with some nice appointments, such as the blue and red side indicators from dials that reflect nicely against the edge of the platter.

Such a rugged design does come with its downsides – weighing in at almost 22lbs this isn’t the lightest turntable to drag between gigs. But the overall build gives it a strong, premium feel that will please most. Bear in mind that no cartridge is included, so a separate cartridge and needle will be needed.


Reloop has aimed this turntable at the performing DJ, focusing mainly on making a durable and well-performing system to survive the energetic environment of a gig. This also means they’ve avoided any gimmicks, and the included features are simply there to enhance the performance. For instance, everything here is adjustable – from the S-shaped curved tonearm to the speed in which the drive starts and stops.

We’re also given some nice, manual features like the digital speed correction, reverse switch, and dual start/stop switches. It does lack a few small features we would have liked to see – a USB interface is one of them, or even a dust/traveling cover to help keep this heavy beast safe when going from gig to gig.


The RP-7000 has an impressive design and enough performance-focused features to keep most Djs happy. When you add a nice cartridge to it, this could be a fantastic turntable. Its direct driven motor plays back at 33, 45 or 78 RPM and the torque is fully adjustable. The pitch resolution is precise, and the digital speed correction a handy feature.

The built-in phono/line switch is another nice inclusion, allowing you to plug this turntable directly into whatever preamp is available, without needing to ground the player. You will need to take some time to properly set up the turntable out of the box. If all this seems a bit too complex, or you are looking at a simpler product, we have plenty of other options for you to consider.

The Rumble:

Rugged build, innovative and simple looks equal a quality piece of music equipment. The RP-7000 is a fundamentally solid system, but by adding a good cartridge and taking your time setting it up, this could be a fantastic turntable.