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What We Don't Like

Reloop’s RP2000M promises to be among the most capable turntables under $300. It is a simple yet reliable tool that will give every new DJ a feel of what a proper scratching turntable should feel like.


What Reloop offers with the RP2000M is a perfect combination of no-nonsense design and features aimed at beginner DJs. Emphasis on DJs. From a purely aesthetic point of view, there’s nothing really attractive about this model. It is a completely utilitarian unit with a black metal chassis and controls which are equally as bland.

However, it’s purpose is not to look pretty but get you the performance you need. When viewed from that point of view, RP2000M quickly becomes a very attractive turntable. Build quality is decent overall and it is refreshing to see that Reloop actually put some emphasis on the feet.

We wouldn’t go as far as to say that they eliminate all vibrations, but they sure cut them down to an acceptable level. This way you can setup your rig in a fairly noisy club and still be able to run your set.


What we have here is a fully manual, direct drive turntable that packs a decent S tonearm which is fairly precise. The motor is solid but definitely not as powerful as you would want it to be. Compared to turntables one segment higher, it comes across as a bit weak. On the other hand, R2000M costs less so it makes sense.

We have +-10 range on the pitch control that is adjusted using a standard fader. One glance at the spec sheet reveals that Reloop didn’t really want to overextend. The goal with R2000M was to deliver a rock solid core performance, with everything else coming in at a distant second place.

In many ways, this was the right call to make. If you are just starting out and looking for a good beginner DJ turntable, the last thing you need is to have numerous features that simply can’t be good enough in this price range.


After going over the specs and features, the real question is what kind of performance can you expect from this turntable? From a purely technical point of view, the motor has enough torque for most applications, but don’t expect anything above average.

In terms of precision, things are more than acceptable even if your demands are somewhat higher. Same goes for pitch control. The only major issue with RP2000M is the loss of performance over time. After a few years of use, pitch control starts to lose finesse, becoming cruder in the process.

The motor will also drop in torque a little, but luckily nowhere near a level where it’s useless. With that said, those problems are to be expected. Reloop has done a proper job at delivering a great tool to the beginner crowd and RP2000M should be judged in that context.

The Rumble:

Great beginner DJ turntable that packs all the right features in all the right places. Whether or not RP2000M is better than its immediate competition is up for discussion, but it’s definitely a great deal at the moment.