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What We Don't Like

Polk Audio makes quite a few subwoofers at more inexpensive price ranges. However, the PSW125 jumps into a higher price tier and has the performance to match. This subwoofer is gorgeous and sounds absolutely massive, making it a fantastic choice under $300.


The PSW125 breaks the mold significantly in terms of design. The subwoofer is finished in either grey or faux wood, will a large grille covering the 12-inch woofer in the front. This area is gorgeously accented with a tasteful silver lining, finishing off the front panel. The bottom stands on four conical rubber feet, distancing it from the floor. On the back, there’s controls for volume, low-pass, phase and power switches (including a auto sensing mode), RCA inputs, speaker inputs and outputs, and a very welcome detachable power cable.

While I feel like I should be turned off by the aesthetic of this subwoofer, I can’t help but love it. It’s technical is a way that shows off that it’s a subwoofer while not distracting overall. The wooden finish is absolutely stunning and while it won’t fit into a room unnoticed, the attention is draws is well deserved. Overall, the subwoofer is gorgeous, being understated enough not to offend, but still sticking out in a beautiful way.


This subwoofer is feature rich in the areas where it counts. Auto signal sensing is welcome to turn the subwoofer into standby when not in use, as well as a phase reversal switch to make sure no perceived low-end is lost is context of your setup. While not necessarily a ‘feature’, the addition of a detachable (and replaceable) power cable makes the subwoofer much more flexible so I figured it was good to include it. Laser-based Klippel measurement technology is also present to improve linearity, as well as a compression design on the woofer to lower distortion at extreme volumes.

While not over the top in terms of features, the set here is more than enough to satisfy the majority of users. Additions like the phase reversal switch and auto signal sensing technology make configuring the speaker a breeze both in terms of set-up and operation, and the detachable power cable adds a lot in terms of flexibility to get a cable that is more sturdy or has a different length. The design of the woofer and Klippel measurement adds a lot in the performance realm (we’ll get there), but is present on most Polk subwoofers.


Polk Audio’s PSW125 is an astounding performer. The 12-inch woofer flexes it’s muscles, cranking out earth-shattering lows with little to no effort. A 150W RMA and 300W dynamic amplifier will easily shake your house. The tuning with Klippel measurement and compression design of the woofer combine to create a woofer that sounds fantastic across listening levels.

What this combines to create is a subwoofer that sound very well-rounded overall. Lows are tight and consistent, granting full access to the advertised frequency response. This subwoofer is rich in it’s sound in every sense, giving an experience that shows the labor of love that it is.

The Rumble:

The aesthetic is stunning in both grey and wood-grain, and the subs match. The low-end is loud and thunderous, completely satisfying in every way. The feature-set, while not exceptional, is enough for the price, making this subwoofer exceptional overall.