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Polk has always been there to offer decent solutions at reasonable prices. This is slowly becoming a constant. With that said, Polk Audio MagniFi One is among the best soundbar setups under $300 right now.


When Polk Audio goes in to design a speaker, they tend to do it their way. MagniFi One features a pretty slick, low profile design that combines rounded edges with straight ones. The result is a soundbar that catches the eye when you take a closer look, but doesn’t stand out too much when blended in with the environment. There is also the subwoofer, which shares the design theme with the soundbar. In all honesty, that sub looks more like a cool computer case than a subwoofer.

Both elements are plain black only feature a small Polk logo that breaks up seamless black surfaces. With that said, controls are positioned in a way that is easy to find, intuitive and overly user friendly. Polk Audio MagniFi One definitely gives off a quality vibe the moment you touch it. Unfortunately, that is not something we see too often even in a price range which is fairly up there.


The core of the MagniFi One are its six 3″ drivers dispersed around the bar. Combined with the subwoofer unit, you get a pretty substantial sound stage that saturates your living room quite nicely. MagniFi One packs a decent amount of heat as well. We are talking 240 Watts peak power, which means the RMS value is not too far behind. This is a wireless set with full Bluetooth support as well.

One of the more interesting features comes in form of Exclusive Voice Adjust technology. The purpose of said tech is to make those dialogues on TV crystal clear. In terms of surround sound handling, Polk went with Dolby Digital 5.1 as well as 2.0 decoding. All that aside, setting MagniFi One up is super quick. So quick that you can do it within minutes no matter what TV you have at the moment.


Turning the MagniFi One on puts a whole different dimension of sound in front of you even on default settings. Sound stage saturation is immediate and layered. Trebles are pretty clear, snappy
and just defined while mids flow in right when they should. One thing Polk is fairly proud on is the crossover between mids and lows, which happens fairly subtly. Bass is there but isn’t overly aggressive. They went with a balanced low end that complements the audio rather than mask its shortcomings.

Once you dig into Voice Adjust feature, you can pretty much pull those voice sections to the foreground. While niche features such as this one often attract a lot of curious eyes looking for proof. This time over, everything works as claimed. Considering the price you are asked to pay, Polk Audio MagniFi One packs a pretty big punch for the money. You could even go and say it punches above its weight class.

The Rumble:

Polk’s gear is always interesting to say the least. MagniFi One definitely belongs to their more successful projects. Bang for the buck value is there, as well as a stylish design. Overall, about as much as we expected to get.