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What We Don't Like

The PLX-1000 is one of Pioneer’s newest offerings, which has been released to celebrate their 20th anniversary of producing high-quality DJ equipment. And it actually looks very familiar… Let’s check it out!


Hang on, isn’t this the Technics’ iconic SL-1200? It’s not – but the PLX-1000 has certainly taken some style points from the legend. This modern machine is a real beast, built to withstand the rigors of a gigging environment. It features a heavy-mass zinc die-cast chassis on the top, reinforced with a thick resin bottom section. The base is made with 9mm-thick vibration-damping material, which gives the PLX-1000 superb stability and durability.

Despite its tough construction, it’s still a pleasure to look at – sleek and simple, with a sophisticated all-black brushed metal finish and very minimal branding. There’s a gray rubber-insulated S-shaped tonearm, which contrasts nicely with the darker body, while the subtle blue lights accenting the controls look cool in darker environments. It’s also worth mentioning the weight, which is naturally going to be quite hefty, sitting at just under 23lbs.


Compared to some other turntables under $1000, the PLX-1000 isn’t swimming in features, although it still boasts some high-end appointments that both gigging DJs and the casual home listener will appreciate. Most notably there’s a powerful and precise high-torque direct-drive motor, with an insulated and slightly recessed platter, reminiscent of the SL-1200. The controls are laid out in a simple user-friendly way, which DJs will have no problem getting to grips with.

There’s a tempo control slider on the right side of the player, with a start/stop button on the left side, as well as a handy pop-up LED target light. At the back of the system there’s a port for your included detachable power cable and pro-grade gold-plated RCA jacks, although no USB connectivity. Sadly at this price, no cartridge is included either, although it still comes with a headshell and screw-in headshell weight, which is a blessing for club performances.


So there are no bells or whistles in either the aesthetics or features department – just tried-and-tested, no-nonsense functionality from Pioneer. The whole experience of the PLX-1000 is geared towards giving the performing DJ as smooth a ride as possible. And they deliver on everything they promise. For example, the system is great for scratching with no wobbling or skipping issues and – thanks to the insulation and vibration damping across the whole turntable – feedback issues are also very rare, even at the highest volumes.

Everything feels sturdy and smooth to use, from the start/stop button to the recessed rubber-insulated S-shaped tonearm. As for sound, this will depend heavily on the cartridge you use, but from our experience it is very pure and will please DJs, audiophiles and the more casual home user alike.

The Rumble:

The PLX-1000 is a higher-end machine that’s very well-suited to the performing DJ. Vibration damping, solid construction, smooth controls, and a powerful motor all work towards creating a reliable, durable turntable, even if it does lack a few features.