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Andrew Jones designed Pioneer Elite SP-EBS73 are truly something special. These are by far the best bookshelf speakers you can get for less than $1000 at the moment. There are many reasons why, so let’s take a closer look.


When Andrew Jones decides to make a bookshelf speaker, you just know that the end result is going to be something truly special. His Pioneer Elite SP-EBS73 meet and exceed all of those expectations. We are looking at a tapered cabinet design, made of high quality MDF.

Instead of going with the standard two-way configuration, Jones actually opted for a total of five transducers per cabinet. That is two on the front and one at the top, with two of the mentioned drivers being coaxial units. Speakers come in all black and can be covered with all black grilles.

There is something about the simple and minimalist design that Jones is known for, which makes his speakers even more attractive. On top of that, the size of the Pioneer Elite SP-EBS73 is pretty compact considering the complement of transducers they carry. All in all, the design is pure perfection no matter how you look at it.


As we have said before, there are a total of 5 transducers per cabinet. We have two 4“ drivers, each packing a 1“ tweeter in a coaxial configuration, and finally the 5.25 long throw woofer cone at the very bottom. On top of that, there is also a rear firing port on each cabinet that only improves the already impressive low end response.

Connectivity is covered with a quad set of gold plated posts on each cab, allowing you a fair bit of versatility when building a system. It is also worth mentioning that the top firing speaker is Dolby Atmos enabled, meaning that you can take full advantage of that feature should you decide to use Pioneer Elite SP-EBS73 as center units in a home theater system.

Lastly, we have to mention the piece of art that is the crossover in these speakers. Not only does it wrangle all of the transducers with ease, but the impact it has on the performance is palpable.


Connecting a set of Pioneer Elite SP-EBS73 to a decent amplifier will result in one very intensive experience. Rarely will you find a set of bookshelf speakers that aren’t a compromise. Most are two-way designs that fail to properly cover at least one portion of the frequency range. With Pioneer Elite SP-EBS73, that is definitely not the case. We are talking about multiple dedicated transducers to both trebles, mids and lows. That is on one cabinet alone.

The sound is simply overwhelming with full saturation across the range. If you spend some time positioning these speakers to match your room, you will get a sound stage that is impressive to say the least. Even though 5.25“ woofer cones are nothing extraordinary, having two of them focused solely on low end frequencies makes them that much more effective. When hooked up to a full home theater surround system, these speakers reach a whole new level of fidelity.

The Rumble:

Pioneer Elite SP-EBS73 is one of the more interesting Andrew Jones designs we have seen so far. Even though they are at the low edge of this price range, the complement of speakers you get is mind blowing.