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Philips CSS2133B/F7 might look simple compared to some higher priced models out there, but it’s by far one of the most attractive soundbars to get under $200. Let’s take a quick look and find out why.


What we are looking at here is a clean looking 28“ soundbar with a standalone woofer. Philips really took the minimalist route, exploiting all of the benefits of such design. CSS2133B-F7 is an all black soundbar that features a square profile. The speaker grille covers the entire front side of the bar, wrapping up over the top.

Build quality is pretty decent considering that this is still an entry level model. Philips might not have used fancy materials to make this soundbar, but they have definitely put it together with a great deal of confidence. Same goes for the woofer. Speaking of which, the link between the soundbar and the woofer is a wired one, which is completely expected in this price range.

Overall, Philips CSS2133B-F7 is the type of soundbar that will fit into any interior, especially if it sits under a 32“ TV. It’s clean, simple and just functional looking unit.


The main features on CSS2133B-F7 are the virtual surround sound that actually kinda works, Bluetooth connectivity, and Dolby Digital suite. We say kinda works becausethat depends on the size and shape of your room. More on that later.

One of the main benefits of going with CSS2133B-F7 is its Bluetooth connectivity. In higher price categories, that type of connectivity comes as standard, however, that’s not always the case in the entry-level territory. The fact that CSS2133B-F7 comes with Bluetooth support automatically makes it more attractive to those who need something more than just a TV soundbar.

Overall power output is limited to 60 Watts, but that’s RMS. In other words, you get 15 Watts per each driver and 30 Watts in the subwoofer. Lastly, the I/O cluster includes digital coax in, digital optical in and AUX input. On the side, you will find a 3.5mm audio in as well.


Knowing all the specs, it is time to find out how this thing sounds. In all honesty, when you set everything up, it sounds pretty good for a budget 2.1 setup. There’s plenty of clarity in the mid-range, while the woofer does a decent job at saturating the room with bass.

Virtual Surround Sound we’ve mentioned before kicks in pretty well if your room is not a larger one. After all, this technology more or less depends on sound bouncing off the walls. Power is abundant for a 2.1 system. Chances are you won’t come close to max volume all too often.

Since Bluetooth is a large part of this model, we are happy to report that device pairing is done rather quickly without any issues. The range is more or less standard and covers about 33 feet. Is this the best soundbar on the market? Probably not, but it’s a bargain at this price.

The Rumble:

Overall, Philips CSS2133B-F7 is a great soundbar setup that brings you limited but functional features. It sounds great and packs enough heat as well. In this particular price range, that’s about all we can hope for.