What We Like

What We Don't Like

Vintage looks with modern features are all the rage in the audio equipment world these days, and Numark aims to deliver just that at a very affordable price point with their PT01 Touring Record Player, coming in at under $100!


With a stylish, compact suitcase design the PT01 Touring is definitely a looker. From a distance, the dark plastic casing resembles a vintage leather textured suitcase. Up front we are presented with dual speaker grills, with a carrying handle and latch sitting between them. Opening up the turntable, the majority of our controls and ports are placed neatly to right of the platter, with the straight tonearm to the left. Everything is pretty close together keeping this as compact and portable as possible.

Dressed in all black, excluding the silver of the tonearm and latch, the overall design is kept simple with very little branding, bar the large logo on the inside of the case lid. Altogether the turntable weighs in at a light 5.9lbs and is certainly built for travel, but keep in mind the case must be open to play your records.


This is as feature-packed as a budget turntable gets, with a plethora of ports including a USB interface, aux in, headphone out and RCA outputs round back. Numark has also generously included a download link to the EZ Vinyl/Tape conversion software, allowing you to save your classic albums as MP3 files. The built-in speakers aren’t going to blow your mind, but they are a really nice feature at this price.

After all, this is a portable turntable with an emphasis on ‘portable’ and one of the most attractive features about the PT01 Touring is its rechargeable battery, which Numark boast have a 4-hour playback. The battery is charged via the USB port (with a USB cable included), but the downside is that the turntable runs solely off that battery, meaning no AC power.


For a turntable at this price point, even as full of features as this one, you have to limit your expectations. The sound quality is not going to amaze, nor is the build quality going to win any awards. It may be built with travel and portability in mind, but the all-plastic construction probably won’t stand the test of time. You’re also limited to two speeds – 33 and 45 RPM – and for most users this is fine, but the straight tonearm isn’t adjustable, and the ceramic cartridge doesn’t exude quality.

The built-in speakers are a nice feature but realistically this is probably going to be sitting at home, where I’d suggest plugging it into some external speakers. Design and aesthetics have been put in front of quality and sound, and perhaps that’s fine for the casual listener, but if you’re looking for something to do your favorite records justice, there are plenty more options out there at this price point.

The Rumble:

The PT01 Touring is a budget turntable packed full of features, with a cool vintage design although it has its limitations. But if good looks and portability are what you’re after then you’ve found it here for a very good price.