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Levitating Bluetooth speakers are few and far between, however, Music Angel JH-FD19 takes the cake as one of the best in this category. If you are into more outlandish audio solutions, you need to check this thing out.


Much like most levitating speakers, Music Angel JH-FD19 comes in form of a ball that contains the transducer, and a base used to house the I/O panel as well as provide levitation. With that said, it’s no secret that levitating Bluetooth speakers are about aesthetics as much as they are about sound.

Different brands have different opinions on this, but most try to make their speakers look as cool as possible. Music Angel is no different. Both the base and the speaker ball are made of part glossy and part matte plastics. To top things off, Music Angel added a set of LED light strips to both the base and the orb.

This way, the speaker can act as means to listen to your music but also something that decorates your room at night. Setting the ball on the base is fairly simple. All you have to do is center it carefully on the base. This takes some getting used to, but ultimately you’ill get the hang of it.


The very core of the Music Angel JH-FD19 is the levitating orb. It features a single transducer that is visible on each side of the orb. The power of the speaker is rated at 10 Watts, which isn’t too bad for a single transducer setup. The cool thing about Music Angel JH-FD19 is that it rotates while levitating.

This results in a 360 degrees sound. Another cool feature is the built-in microphone, which turns the speaker into a hands-free device. All of the controls are located on top of the orb and allow you to control the volume, skip tracks as well as answer all incoming calls.

In terms of battery, you get up to 8 hours of play time per charge. Considering all of the things which require power aside from the speaker itself, that is definitely not a bad figure. While the speaker isn’t exactly portable, you can take it with you on road trips.


Most people would imagine that a levitating speaker is focused more on the visual portion of the show, than the audio. Often times that is true. However, Music Angel JH-FD19 packs a fairly decent performance. The first thing you will notice is the volume.

Even with those 10 Watts, which are most likely peak power, you can saturate a decently sized room without experiencing distortion. The sound quality itself is fairly well balanced. However, as it is the case with any single-transducer setup, there are some limitations. For starters, you won’t get too great of a low-end response.

A single full range driver will dig deep enough to give you some bass, but don’t expect it to move a whole lot of air. Mids are pretty great in a sense that there is a range, while trebles come across as smooth around the edges. Funny enough, Music AngelJH-FD19 can easily go against a number of standard Bluetooth speakers.

The Rumble:

If you are looking for a levitating speaker that actually sounds decent enough, Music Angel JH-FD19 is something that will surely interest you. It’s compact, works reliably and is rather user-friendly once you learn how to center the orb.