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Micca is a brand that has known to dominate the affordable segment of the bookshelf market. Their MB42X are by far some of the most capable bookshelf speakers you can get for less than $100.


Micca MB42X are an evolution of their older MB42 line. With that said, Micca made very little aesthetic changes to the original design. MB42X come across as a fairly simple set of bookshelf speakers that will blend into just about any environment. On top of that, their smaller size makes them perfect for small to medium sized rooms.

Cabinets are ported and feel well put together, which is something that isn’t necessarily guaranteed in this price range. Micca delivers these with a protective grille which reduces the visual signature of the speakers even more. Overall, these are not the most attractive set you can find, but they are neutral in nature. Considering how affordable MB42X are, we can’t really complain too much.

On the other hand, those who prefer a simple cabinet design will appreciate how minimalist MB42X are. Either way, it is always good to see manufacturers prioritize performance over aesthetics, which is definitely the case here.


Each Micca MB42X speaker comes with a 4″ balanced woven carbon fiber woofer and a .75″ silk dome tweeter. Former is sitting comfortably in a rubber surround while the latter is placed into a subtle but effective waveguide. Power rating you are looking at here is 75 Watts per speaker with the sensitivity of 85dB @ 1Watt/1M.

However, the real important upgrade is the all new crossover. It’s an optimized 18dB/Octave unit that has given these speakers quite a boost in performance. The original MB42 lacked crossover, which was the main point of friction among the users. Now that we have one, we can fully enjoy to capabilities of these little speakers. On top of that, Micca has subjected the MB42X to a very detailed optimization process that resulted in a great response across the range.

Lastly, these are not powered speakers meaning that you will need to get an amplifier if you want to use them.


The first thing you will notice about MB42X the moment you turn them on is just how big of a picture they push out. In all seriousness, if you were to close your eyes and just listen to these speakers, chances are you would mistake them for a much larger set. The response is fairly balanced across the range with a slight dip in the mids and a noticeable depression in mid range bass.

However, trebles are bright and punchy while the lower end really kicks in. That crossover is to thank for this response profile. They have taken what was essentially a great foundation and made it complete by adding this single component. At the end of the day, the picture projected by MB42X speakers might even be too aggressive for near field use. Especially if you are using them as desktop speakers. With some DSP corrections, you could push these evenfurther.

The Rumble:

Bang for the buck, Micca MB42X are by far some of the most capable bookshelf speakers to be had under $100. There is a lot of sonic potential that can be tapped into with some adjustments as well.