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MEGACRA might not be the most popular name in the world of home media center surround systems, but they have a lot to offer. MAGACRA S11Pro is one of the most capable soundbars under $100, that is for sure.


Where most companies go for a more squared design, MAGACRA went with an extruded oblong triangle. One of the byproducts of such design is very limited versatility. Right off the bat, it is apparent that mounting this thing might be an issue. MAGACRA’s solution for feet also include mounting brackets, however, their angle makes the soundbar point in a funny direction when mounted. Another thing that is immediately apparent is how big the S11Pro is.

This soundbar is thick and requires some space. Being 34″ long, S11Pro fits quite nicely with TVs of similar width. MAGACRA went with a black grille over brushed aluminum side panels, and it fits the overall aesthetic of the soundbar. On one hand, we have to appreciate MAGACRA’s choice to go with a design that is anything but basic, but it feels like they could have made the S11Pro much more versatile by taking the standard route. Either way, S11Pro looks pretty good.


Here is where we get to the part that really makes the S11Pro an interesting soundbar. Most brands out there will give you two drivers in this price range. MAGACRA has decided to up the ante and to include two drivers on top of two tweeters. While the drivers might be a bit smaller than what is commonly seen, there are two bass reflex ports which help make them sound bigger. One peek at the I/O port reveals more or less the standard configuration.

We have an optical in, coax in, RCA inputs but also AUX in and USB port. In terms of power, S11Pro is rated for 60 Watts RMS. That is pretty decent for an affordable soundbar. Finally, we have Bluetooth 4.0 support which makes it compatible with most smart devices. Controls are on one of the side panels and include volume buttons, power button, and play/pause button.


When it comes to performance, MAGACRA S11Pro really comes to shine. Thedevice’s rather comprehensive array of speakers does a lot to bring definition to each portion of the frequency range. To say that S11Pro offers an upgrade compared to your TV speakers, would be a great understatement. There are three output modes, including 3D, SR-1, and SR-2. The first option is there to give you immersive sound which mimics a good 5.1 system. SR-1 is a more standard soundbar configuration, while SR-2 brings up the volume and bass response from those drivers.

With soundbars like this one, you have to factor in the size of your room. S11Pro won’t give you same results in a large room and a smaller one. Since there is no conventional EQ to speak of, what you get is what you get. With that said, under most circumstances, MAGACRA S11Pro offers a great sound that meets and exceeds the average in this segment of the market.

The Rumble:

One of the best bang for the buck solutions in the affordable range. MAGACRA really put together an awesome soundbar that packs lots of heat but also brings great definition to the table. It’s a great choice for budget users.