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Marshall’s Stanmore is one of the more unusual, but ultimately impressive. It is by far one of the most suitable Bluetooth speakers for home use. Today we are going to explore why this is the case.


The name Marshall alone should be enough of a heat when it comes to design. This brand is pretty much set in their ways and that is a good thing in this particular case. Stanmore looks more like a smaller guitar amp than a standard Bluetooth speaker.

Cabinet is wrapped in that classic black vinyl while the front grille comes in form of a woven mesh. As expected, the controls components were lifted straight from their guitar amplifier parts bin. We have a gold colored plate with their classic knobs and switches. Stanmore isn’t all that small either. In fact, it is probably larger than most of the available Bluetooth speakers out there.

What is really great about this design is its timeless nature. It simply fits everywhere, no matter what kind of interior design you are running at the moment. If you have Marshall amps, things get only better for you in this regard.


Following their standard policy, Marshall kept things very simple in terms of features. You get Bluetooth 4.0 support, a 3.5mm AUX input as well as a set of RCA inputs. One glance at the controls is enough to tell you they are not average at all. The fact that there is a standard three-band EQ there might explain a few things.

However, Marshall didn’t do this just so their speaker would be different. Having an actual EQ definitely helps when shaping the tone. Under the grille, we see two 20 Watt tweeters and a single 40 Watt driver. That’s a lot of power for a Bluetooth speaker.

Output is handled by a Class D amp with a crossover somewhere at 2500Hz. One aspect that really makes the Stanmore perfect for home use is the power delivery. There is no battery at all, so you will have to plug the speaker into an outlet.


The sound you get from Marshall’s Stanmore Bluetooth speaker is impressive to say the least. Those two .75″ tweeters offer a great and vibrant highs. When you start moving down the frequency range, 5.25″ driver kicks in and takes the lead. Mids are fairly wide and saturated while the bass is definitely there.

Playing around with the EQ can yield great results. Depending on the size of your room, finding a good EQ setup might bring the room acoustics where you get a great sound. Pushing the volume doesn’t lead to distortion until you hit the very limit. However, at that point you are probably listening to music way to loud.

In all honesty, as long as you don’t need to move this thing, it will probably get you a far better performance than many battery powered models in its price range. Since it supports Bluetooth 4.0, you shouldn’t run into any issues when pairing even the newest smart devices.

The Rumble:

Overall, Marshall Stanmore is a very capable Bluetooth speaker that brings some features you don’t get to see that often. Due to its lack of battery, it is more or less limited to home use.