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What We Don't Like

LG’s relatively new SJ9 soundbar brings a great combination of features, power, and versatility. As such, it didn’t take long for it to become one of the best models you can get for less than $1000.


LG’s idea behind the SJ9’s design was to create something that looked pretty simple yet sophisticated at the same time. In a way, they have achieved exactly that. What we have here is a very slim design which blends into whatever environment you place it in. Choice of materials is pretty interesting as well. There is a metallic grille that wraps all the way around the sides of the soundbar, while the top is plastic aside from two top firing drivers and their respective grilles.

The bottom of the soundbar almost looks like a massive Heatsync but is actually just an aesthetic feature. Either way, LG SJ9 is one of the more attractive soundbars on the market. Same goes for the subwoofer. They’ve actually wrapped the entire thing in that same grille, completely masking the subwoofer cone and the ports. That’s not something you see every day, but it works nonetheless.


One of the absolute best things about this soundbar is just how packed with features it is. For starters, it offers some 500 Watts of power on demand. That is 200 Watts for the subwoofer and the rest divided between the 5 drivers in the soundbar. Then we have the Dolby Atmos suite, high-resolution audio support that allows you to go up to 25bit/192kHz, Adaptive Sound Control and so much more. In terms of connectivity, you can either choose HDMI 2.0 as well as ARC besides the standard Optical input and 3.5mm.

Needless to say, WiFi and Bluetooth come as standard. The full list of features is way too long to properly summarize here, but let’s just say that pretty much everything you would expect in a soundbar of this caliber is included. LG really pushed to give their users ultimate convenience on top of great audio.


What surprises the most about LG’s SJ9 is the amount of definition it is capable of delivering no matter what you are watching or listening to. We are talking about a sound stage that is clear, defined and simply natural across the entire frequency range. Even the bass section, which often relies on its sheer power, is actually pretty well balanced. Now add all of the Dolby Digital and Dolby Surround features, and you end up with an impressive performance overall.

On top of that, it is worth mentioning just how loud this thing can get. That 500 Watt rating, even though it is probably peak power and not the RMS value, clearly shows. Interestingly enough, the sweet spot in terms of volume is right around the half way through. The only issue here is that half volume is pretty loud for this soundbar. In all honesty, LG SJ9 works much better than many have hoped.

The Rumble:

LG has introduced a very interesting solution for those who want the performance of a high-end soundbar, but are looking to spend less than a grand. In that context, SJ9 offers great bang for your dollar.