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If you’ve meddled in high-end audio equipment, then you undoubtedly know Klipsch’s name. This company is synonymous with incredibly high quality audio devices. Still, even at the more inexpensive end, the Sub-12HG is one of the best subwoofers you can buy under $300.


Klipsch takes design in a different direction than most modern subwoofers with the Sub-12HG. While not incredibly unconventional, this subwoofer features a bottom-firing 12-inch woofer. However, outside, it’s business as usual. The subwoofer is finished in a matte black, with small Klipsch branding at the bottom of the front side. The subwoofer is raised by four feet that slightly protrude outside the proportions of the body, and the back features the usual suspects including speaker inputs and outputs, volume and low-pass knobs, phase reversal switch, RCA line-in, an attached power cable, and a circular rear port.

For me, I don’t really like the look of this subwoofer. The black isn’t deep, being slightly more grey, and the rounded feet stick out like a sore thumb. The look certainly isn’t bad, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Like a lot of Klipsch products, this subwoofer looks ‘classic’ in a way that personally isn’t appealing to me, but may be appealing to you depending on your setup.


However, the feature set knocks this subwoofer back up. All the necessities are here including a variable low-pass filter, auto signal sensing, and a phase reversal switch. Outside of that, Klipsch added features where they matter. The first part of this is the massive 300W RMS and 650W dynamic power supplied by the BASH amplifier. This allowed Klipsch to not only crank out more low-end, but also extend the frequency response down to 24Hz with little effort.

I’m not surprised by the external feature. Phase reversal, auto signal sensing, and variable low-pass should be expected at this price point and thankfully Klipsch didn’t skimp. However, I am extremely impress by the BASH amplifier and extended frequency response. Both of these combine to make the subwoofer more than the sum of it’s parts and easily makes up for any lacking of tweaking functionality. The features here, while not external, add where it really counts – in the sound.


The real star of the show with the Sub-12HG is in its performance. For what it lacks in design, it easily makes up for in sound. This subwoofer is big in every sense of the word, pushing a full-bodied low-end that has a truckload of impact due to the BASH amplifier.

To be clear, this subwoofer can easily shake a house and take over your entire setup, even when not maxed out. It’s complete overkill. However, what this translates too is additional headroom so the bass is clear and tight at lower volumes. So, even though the BASH amplifier allows it, the subwoofer still shines at conventional levels.

The Rumble:

The Klipsch Sub-12HG is a massive sounding subwoofer, delivering some of the best performance you can find at this price point. While the design is a bit dated, the subwoofer delivers in every way for sub lovers.