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Klipsch designs in soundbar represent just how much elegance you can get from simplicity. Their R-20B is one of the most attractive, and best performing wireless setups you can find at the moment. Let’s find out why.


While a number of well-known and not so well-known brands out there are doing their best to create a ‘unique’ aesthetic solution, Klipsch has opted to stick with what works. Simplicity often yields best results, especially with tech that is not meant to dominate the room.

R-20B is an all black soundbar that features that classic boxy profile. The entire front of the unit is covered with a semi-transparent grille that gives you a taste of what is underneath. Aside from semi-visible cones, the only other thing that disturbs the otherwise all-black scenery is Klipsch logo.

The wireless subwoofer shares the same design. It is rather large with a cabinet made of decently thick MDF. Subwoofer cone is located on the side of the cab, and it also shows a little through the grille. With the soundbar being 40″ wide, it will easily fit a wide variety of TVs.


Since looks don’t define performance, let’s take a look at what’s under the grilles. On the soundbar itself, we have a total of six transducers. Two .75″ tweeters paired with four 3″ drivers. One cool thing about those tweeters is that they are cone loaded, giving you a much better definition where it is needed the most.

When it comes to supported features, you get APTX audio coding technology which allows for high-quality music streaming. Then we have the simulated 3D Surround mode as well as the built-in Dolby Digital decoder. Inputs come in form of your standard RCA analog and one optical digital port.

Finally, we have a well thought out remote control that comes with the package. As you can probably conclude already, R-20B is not one of those feature loaded soundbar systems. Instead, Klipsch focused more on quality hardware and optimal performance. Even so, the stuff it does offer is more than enough for a refined listening experience.


Speaking of performance, let’s see how this black bar sounds in when it’s put to use. Right off the bat, you will notice a lot of clarity and definition in both trebles and upper mid range. With 250 Watts of peak power, R-20B isn’t really quite either. There is a lot of volume power to be had, which comes in handy for those larger rooms.

Mids are full of girth and pack a decent amount of range. Dialogs in movies sound clear, crisp, and are really easy to understand. Those who like to listen to bass heavy music will enjoy this setup. A 10″ woofer cone is capable of moving plenty of air, especially when paired with a solid MDF cabinet. Klipsch cut no corners in this regard, that’s for sure.

Pairing the R-20B with your devices is super easy and almost instantaneous. Same goes for setting up the woofer. Wireless connection is established quickly and will be rock solid as long as the woofer is in the line of sight to the soundbar.

The Rumble:

Another awesome solution from Klipsch that brings exactly what fans of good audio are looking for. There are no gimmicky features, only pure performance. That, after all, is what matters the most at the end of the day.