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Klipsch R-15M are among the more unusual bookshelf speakers in the affordable range. Even so, once you plug them in, you will find out why they are among the best in the $300 price range.


If there is one thing you will notice right away, it is just how attractive Klipsch R-15M are. For what essentially still an affordable set of bookshelf speakers, these look quite refined. Klipsch used quality MDF covered with black vinyl. The baffle is smaller and fits right into the front panel of the cabinet.

To top things off, Klipsch chose a strong copper color for the woofer, which adds quite a lot of contrast to the overall black theme that is going on here. This somewhat niche design might make it harder to fit these into most interior layouts, but you have to appreciate their stylish nature.

It is worth noting that Klipsch R-15M are one of the cleanest looking bookshelf speakers you can find at the moment. Some would even go as far as to call them retro, but that is up for discussion. Either way, chances are that you won’t find a set that looks as good as these in the same price range.


Attractive appearance is not the only interesting thing that Klipsch R-15M has to offer. The core of each cabinet are the two speakers. We have a 1″ aluminum linear travel suspension tweeter and the 5.25″ copper spun IMG woofer. With that said, the tweeter sits in a Klipsch’s 90×90 Tractrix horn. That horn alone is what makes these worth your time.

Each speaker is capable of 80 Watts of continuous power output, while the peak power is limited to 340 Watts. That is a rather decent power output. These are passive speakers, meaning that you will need an amplifier to run them, however, that is partially why they sound so good. Each cabinet features a rear-firing port, so some caution needs to be applied when positioning these next to walls.

Lastly, inputs come in form of single binding posts, as you would expect. Overall Klipsch R-15M are fairly simple, but as we are about to find out, rather effective.


In terms of performance, Klipsch R-15M could easily pass as monitor speakers. Their output is fairly flat and transparent, although there is some bias toward the lower end of the spectrum. Trebles are extremely clear, clean and generally crisp thanks to that horn. One other byproduct of using the Tractrix horn is the size of the image. In other words, you get a very flexible sweet spot.

Klipsch made these to be functional in a variety of room sizes without having to dial in the speaker via EQ. We have mentioned the low-end response as being biased. What we really meant was that their 5.25″ driver moves quite a lot of air, but doesn’t reach too far down in the frequency range.

However, this type of performance is more or less average for this price range. At the end of the day, Klipsch R-15M offers the kind of balance that brings a little bit of everything to the table.

The Rumble:

Great bookshelf speakers for those who are after clarity and balance across the range. Klipsch R-15M are by far some of the more distinctive speakers you can find in this price range at the moment.