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JBL speakers are famous for their quality and overall performance. When that type of brand makes a Bluetooth speaker, you know it’s going to be good. In the case of JBL Flip 3, it’s one of the best speakers under $100.


If you were to sample Bluetooth speakers and put your findings on a piece of paper, you would find that probably 90% of them are in shape of a cuboid or a variation thereof. JBL wasn’t really into that, so they went ahead and made the JBL Flip 3 in shape of a tube.

Mesh grille and rubberized surfaces of the body make it one of the more durable and reliable designs on the market. As a matter of fact, Flip 3 is splash proof and offers a whole lot of protection from fall damage or similar. In terms of size, it’s not much larger than a large can of soda.

One of the cool byproducts of such designs is the fact that you could probably fit this speaker into your cup holder. However, this might not be always true. JBL Flip 3 comes in a variety of colors and is really one of the toughest models out there.


Aside from its two 40mm, 8 Watt driver, JBL Flip 3 comes with a passive subwoofer and a pretty extensive array of features. We have a built-in microphone, meaning that you can use Flip 3 as your hands-free device. That is just the tip of an iceberg. Where this speaker really stands out is its connectivity.

Not only does it support Bluetooth 4.0, but it also allows you to connect up to three smart devices to a single speaker at the same time. JBL went one step further. They’ve built in the JBL Connect technology which is a real force multiplier in this case. JBL Connect essentially allows you to pair multiple JBL Bluetooth speakers, and thus create a more complex sound stagewherever you are.

Even though it is not among the most powerful speakers out there, JBL equipped Flip 3 with a 3000 mAh battery. On a full charge, you can squeeze out some 10 hours of playtime.


The great thing about JBL speakers is that every one of their models meets a level of quality that is specific to this particular brand. Think of it as an internal standard. Fortunately for us, the same applies to JBL’s Bluetooth speakers, even though they are probably the most challenging product category to be put against this standard.

The volume is there, even though this is a sub-20 Watt unit. Trebles are fairly sharp and move naturally to mids. That built-in subwoofer won’t shake any windows, but it offers just enough to saturate the lower end of the frequency range. However, if you pair the Flip 3 with other JBL Connect enabled speakers, you can really get a fine audio experience no matter where you are.

While JBL markets these as practical for pools or showers, you probably don’t want to submerge the speaker or expose it to large amounts of water.

The Rumble:

JBL’s speakers are simply good, even when they come in form of a compact Bluetooth unit like this one. Flip 3 packs a lot of heat for its power rating, while the additional features make it an even more versatile platform.