Leaves are turning, and pumpkin spice is on the menu, which can only mean one thing: Halloween is coming. And nothing adds more spookiness to your display or haunted house like Halloween sound effects.

No matter if you’re setting up a scary yard, home, party, or a full-blown haunted house, we have the best effects and track ideas to add to your sound system.

The thing is, having the scariest sound effects in your Halloween display is only part of what brings spookiness to your home.

The other part is where you put that sound.

So, we not only help you pick the perfect scary sound effects, but we’ll even give you ideas on placement. Use our ideas as a creative jumping point to interject the ideal amount of spook this Halloween.

Which one of these sends a chill down your spine?

  1. Shrill Screams
  2. Door, Floor, and Stair Creaks
  3. Gutteral Growls
  4. Zombie Groans
  5. Ghostly Moans
  6. Werewolf Howls
  7. Demented Laughter
  8. Rattling Chains
  9. Electric Chair Sizzle
  10. Bats Flapping
  11. Raging Storms
  12. Witches Cackling
  13. Cat’s Screech and Hiss
  14. Spooky Whispers
Halloween skeleton in a vintage automobile covered with cobwebs

1. Shrill Screams

Nothing gives you the shivers more than a surprise scream on a haunted Halloween night. You might think these scary noises are only women’s screams, but men’s and children’s screams work just as well for a Halloween fright.

A nice set of bookshelf speakers can help you place this Halloween sound effect anywhere in your home.

Whether you place them in your window for some scares on the front porch, right as you walk in the door, or behind a creepy display, this sound is sure to make anyone jump.

2. Door, Floor, and Stair Creaks

While these Halloween sounds won’t make anyone jump, they will surely increase the anxiety around your spooky display.

Is there a monster behind you or coming up the stairs? Maybe it’s a zombie, a ghost, or an evil spirit ready to take you to the underworld.

This sound effect is best for long hallways, at the bottom of the stairs, and near faraway doors where the light is dim. Set up your speakers out of sight to amplify the fun.

3. Guttural Growls

Give the illusion of monsters and feral animals lurking around your house with guttural growls. You can place these Halloween sound effects in dark corners or behind bushes.

Help everyone’s imaginations soar as they wonder what is waiting for them in the dark.

Another idea is to buy monsters and crazed animals for your display that already make growling sounds. They’ll add a scary dimension to your Halloween home.

Lunging Mad Dog

4. Zombie Groans

You might think recent zombie shows took the bite out of zombie fear.

But the truth is, nobody wants a zombie running up behind them without Daryl or Michonne by their side. Zombie Halloween sound effects pack the biggest punch in your yard, accompanied by lifesize zombies.

Don’t forget to use your waterproof Bluetooth speakers because they’re perfect for bringing sound to the outside.

On the other hand, you could also place the sound in a corner or a dark hallway, to make your guests whip around with fright.

5. Ghostly Moans

A classic Halloween sound effect that you can’t forget this October is ghostly moans.

After all, you can’t have Halloween without ghosts, and since ghosts can be invisible, you don’t have to worry about matching the sounds with display items — although you could.

Adding ghosts to dark hallways or a charred fireplace is a perfect addition to your scary Halloween space. You can also add this sound effect to ghosts hanging in your trees or emitting their sound from empty rooms and behind closed doors.

6. Werewolf Howls

It doesn’t have to be a full moon to add werewolf howls to your list of Halloween sound effects. In fact, it’s one of the best sounds to have in the distance.

You want people thinking that out there somewhere, the werewolves are turning in the light of the full moon, and maybe they’re on their way to your yard.

Place this sound in the far corners of your yard or your home. If you don’t have space inside, play the howls with the volume or settings low to give it the appearance of distance.

Adult Werewolf Mask

7. Demented Laughter

Isn’t it funny that with just a small change in the way we laugh, we can bring the sound from infectious to insidious in seconds?

Demented laughter might be the perfect sound in your haunted display tucked away on your porch behind a scarecrow.

Another idea is to have the soundtrack playing quietly on the mantle or in the kitchen where it’s barely audible. You’ll have your guests looking around and wondering if they’re hearing what they think they’re hearing.

8. Rattling Chains

Rattling or dragging chains are a great addition alone or along with your favorite ghostly Halloween sound effects.

Add the sound at the end of a dark hallway or, if you have an upstairs, point the speakers so you can hear the chains rattling from a distance through the floor.

If you don’t have an upstairs, the same concept will work with a basement. Come to think of it, chain sounds coming from the basement is even scarier.

We bet you won’t have anyone approaching those stairs.

9. Electric Chair Sizzle

Electricity’s sizzle and crackle will put everyone on edge, but if you make it an electric chair and pair it with a scream, it’s the perfect Halloween sound effect.

Although you could put this sound in a far-off room, a better idea is to plant a chair on your porch or in your house and rig the noise underneath or behind it.

For a scarier effect, you could make it motion-activated for an extra Halloween punch.

Electric Chair Kit

10. Bats Flapping

When you think of Halloween, Dracula probably crosses your mind, and bats aren’t far behind. And while you might not usually be afraid of bats, if a bat sound is coming from the trees, you’ll duck.

So, the sound of bats flapping or screeching is a great sound effect to put in your trees or the top corners of your front porch.

Not only is the sound a great addition, but you can hang bats from high above for an extra kick.

11. Raging Storms

Add to the Halloween ambiance by conjuring up some rain clouds for a good old fashioned thunderstorm.

This idea is especially effective if you have a Halloween party.

Your guests know it’s not really raining outside, but the sounds of a storm with lightning and thunder make a spooky night feel a whole lot creepier.

The trick with this sound effect is to get the right volume. You don’t want to overwhelm your other sounds with the storm; you want to keep it in the background.

Scary Halloween decorations

12. Witches Cackling

Witches are active on Halloween, gathering up ingredients for their cauldron and brewing their magical spells. The sound of witches cackling while they mix their brew is something you need in your display.

You never know what those witches are cooking up or if they’re planning to send a spell your way, but their cackling means you should beware.

You could have them as disembodied voices, but having witches in your haunted display brings the cackling to life.

Hanging Sonic Witch Decoration

13. Cat Screeching and Hissing

With witches inside and outside your scary setup, you need to add some cats too. The great thing about bringing in cats is that you can put them anywhere and easily add sounds.

Of course, you don’t want these kitty cats purring; you want to have screeching, hissing, and growling coming from these scary beasts.

Place your cats or cat sounds in your trees, under your porch, or on your shelves. Motion-activated is best for cat sounds, or you could choose a soundtrack with angry cat sounds on it.

14. Spooky Whispers

Do you hear that? What are they saying?

Spooky whispers strategically set around your yard or home will add a scary undertone to your Halloween decor. Not only are eerie whispers frightening, but they’ll also have your visitors questioning their own sanity.

Set up whisper sounds behind where you’re guests will gather or sit.

You want the sound not only in those places but at your front door entrance as well. That way, when trick or treaters wait for their candy or guests wait for you to answer the door, the whispers will be there to keep them company.

Haunted house in the woods with one window lit.

Where Will You Add Your Halloween Sound Effects?

No matter how you celebrate Halloween, chances are, you want to decorate better than last year. Sure, last year was scary, but it’s time to kick the spooky up a notch by adding sound effects.

Do you already have sound effects in your display? In that case, change it up and scare your guests like never before.

Whether you just give them scares or candy, you also want to send chills up and down their spine. After all, isn’t that what Halloween is all about?