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FUGOO’s Style Bluetooth speaker is a solid candidate for the best model under $100. The reasons for this are many and today we are going to take a closer look at some of them. Let’s get started.


If you were to look at this speaker from a distance, it would look more like a designer handbag than a piece of electronics. The little piece of fabric that sticks out on one end, makes this observation even truer. With that said, Style’s aesthetics are very easy on the eyes.

FUGOO rounded up the edges in all the right places, making theStyle both attractive and functionally stable. The grille that spans all across the front, back and top of the speaker comes in a darker shade of chrome, while the sides are painted black. The simple contrast of colors such as this one really pushes looks to the edge. It is also worth mentioning that Style features IP67 certification which makes it dust proof, water proof as well as impact resistant.

As a matter of fact, you should be able to submerge the speaker for 30 minutes at the depth of 3 feet. Needless to say, IP67 is much better than the usual IPX5 cert.


One of the most important things about this model are the speakers beneath the grille. If you were to pull this thing apart, you would find a pretty neat surprise underneath all that fancy grille. On each side of the body, there are speakers. We are talking two at the front, two in the back and one on each side. In other words, this a 360 speaker setup.

The nature of these transducers is what makes FUGOO Style’s performance so impressive. We are looking at two tweeters, two full range drivers, and two chunky passive radiators. The style also comes with an omnidirectional, voice-activated microphone that turns the entire speaker into an easy-to-use hands-free device.

Other Bluetooth speakers come with this feature as well, but in almost all cases they require you to manually answer the call. All of this is great, but here’s the best. part. FUGOO Style comes with a battery capable of delivering 40 hours of playtime. Let that sink in for a moment.


In terms of performance, the type of transducers FUGOO chose for this build, and their placement really shows. Style brings a remarkably balanced response across the spectrum. Even the lower portions of the frequency range have enough girth. Definitely more than most other models from its immediate competition.

The volume is pretty good, which isn’t all that surprising considering that Style packs so many speakers. Battery life is what really stands out here. Hearing that standard 10-hour playtime estimate is something you just get used to. Suddenly FUGOO comes along and pushes the bar extremely high.

This impressive battery and the fact that the entire speaker is water, snow and dust resistant, make it an awesome choice for outdoors enthusiasts. Rarely will you find a Bluetooth speaker that is nearly as capable as Style in this particular price range. It is truly an anomaly which we are very grateful for.

The Rumble:

FUGOO Style brings an overwhelming amount of performance and features. Considering how much it costs, you can easily say it’s a bargain at the very least. If you’re looking for a durable yet affordable Bluetooth speaker, this is it.