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Enermax O’Marine is among the first Bluetooth speakers to achieve actual IPX8 certification. That automatically makes it one of the most suitable Bluetooth speakers for use near or in water. Let us introduce you to one awesome speaker.


What Enermax has created is a very compact, lightweight Bluetooth speaker that screams durability the moment you lay your eyes on it. In many ways, the name O’Marine fits perfectly especially if you consider its rounded design. Enermax’s decision to go with a circular shape instead of a boxy one was a bold move.

Trying to balance O’Marine on a solid surface will tell you why. However, there are many benefits to it. It is small enough to be carried as a pocket watch, while they have also built in a mounting socket for hardware mounts. However, there’s another, much more important detail to notice here. This thing has actual IPX8 certification.

What that translates to is the ability to be submerged up to 3 meters or 9 feet in depth for two whole hours. That is pretty insane for a speaker that is extremely affordable. Its case is extremely tough and rugged looking. However, there is some finesse to it. You can choose between several color schemes.


Seeing how small it is, you would expect Enermax EAS03-BB O’Marine to be very light on features. That is definitely not the case. You get Bluetooth 4.0 support with a range of 30 meters of 100 feet. On top of that, its 1500mAh battery gives you 10 hours of playtime at a reasonable volume.

Speaking of volume, let’s check out what is inside the speaker. Enermax went with a single 5 Watt, 1.5″ transducer which is tasked with covering the entire frequency range. As such, it might come across as underpowered. That perception changes rather quickly when you find out that there is a bass boost feature involved as well.

Lastly, we have a built-in microphone that turns your Enermax EAS03-BB O’Marine into a hands-free device should you need one. All of the controls are spaced out around the circumference of the speaker and are sealed as well. Overall, this is one tough little speaker.


By this point in our review, you are probably wondering what’s the catch? Well, as it usually happens, there’s one. Enermax EAS03-BB O’Marine offers decent volume for its 5 Watt of power. The issue here is that a 1.5“ speaker isn’t physically capable of delivering too great of a performance.

You will get decent response across the range, but the sound will have that tweeter signature to it. With that said, their DreamBass technology does boost the low end to a certain extent. You won’t be creating shock waves on the beach, but you’ll dig into mid 200Hz range. Would you want to use this in a room at your house? Probably not. But take this bad boy to the beach and it will be in its element.

Speaking of beaches, that IPX8 protection means you only get great water resistance. The letter X in the certificate signifies that there is no particle protection whatsoever. Because of that, you’d probably want to be careful where you toss this thing.

The Rumble:

Unique looking and rather compact Bluetooth speaker that offers the highest water resistance rating available. Enermax EAS03-BB O’Marine might not have the same power as some other models out there, but it’s definitely a capable little speaker.