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It is extremely hard to put ELAC B6 Debut speakers into any specific category. As things are right now, these are probably the best bookshelf speakers you can get for less than $300. Let’s find out why.


Looking at the speakers right out of the box won’t reveal much towards answering this question. However, as soon as you read Andre Jones’ name in the paperwork, you might get a good hint. With cabs being the most expensive part of the speaker, Jones has decided to cut costs in aesthetics department and invest that in better hardware. The result of this approach is a speaker cabinet that looks pretty ordinary.

Cabs are made of decently thick MDF and are covered with brushed, dark gray vinyl. There isn’t so much of a baffle aside from the rigid surrounds that encircle the speakers. If you were to put the grille on, B6 Debut would come across as average desktop speakers. Some will appreciate this minimalist design, while others might find it too simple. Either way, you are not buying these to look at them. The real magic occurs when you plug them in and push some power through those coils.


There are three main components on these speakers that are particularly interesting. We have the 6.5″ custom designed woofer that features an aramid fiber cone. This is the first concrete evidence that Andrew Jones had something to do with these speakers. Then there is the silk dome tweeter, which isn’t all that unique by default. However, the spheroid custom waveguide it sits in is something you don’t get to see very day. Finally, we reach the crossover.

Jones is known to select fairly complex crossover designs for his affordable builds. The same applies to ELAC B6 Debut. This is an 8 element crossover, that was designed from the ground up to provide silk smooth transitions. Lastly, we also have to mention the rear firing port. Jones went with a dual flared vent instead of the standard one, which has done a lot to reduce the air turbulence once you start reaching lower ends of the frequency range.


The real question is what does all this amount to? Well, if you are looking for the best bang for your buck, you have just found it. The response you get is just so well balanced that it brings out the best in whatever music you play on them. Trebles are defined, clear but not too bright. The transition between trebles and mids happens almost effortlessly, which can also be said about the transition between mids and lows.

You can really put ELAC B6 Debuts through their paces and you will be hard pressed to catch them slipping anywhere. The only real objection we can find is the behavior of the cabinet once you hit certain frequencies. You will experience some vibrations, but nothing that will heavily affect your listening experience.

At the end of the day, these can go toe to toe with much, much more expensive speakers. In all honesty, even though we knew Andrew Jones designed these, we never expected that kind of performance.

The Rumble:

Aside from the very narrow band where cabs start to work a little, ELAC B6 Debuts are the most capable set of speakers you can grab for less than $300. It is really as simple as that.