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What We Don't Like

Those looking for an active set of speakers which offer more versatility will love the Edifier S1000DB. These are definitely among the most capable bookshelf speakers you can get for less than $500 at the moment.


If you are familiar with Edifier as a brand, you probably know by now that thei50r designs are generally very simple. As a matter of fact, if you were to put their entire lineup side by side, most people would have trouble differentiating various models. What does this mean exactly? Two MDF panels covered with natural finish vinyl, and are sandwiching a composite body. In other words, the front, top, and back are made of gray, quality composites.

One thing that does make the S1000DB stand out from other Edifier designs is the fact that their front panel is angled. This was done to boost the image projection, however, it does give them a very specific aesthetic appeal. Either way, no matter how simple Edifier speakers are in nature, they are considered to be some of the better-looking designs you can find on the market. We absolutely respect their commitment.


What attracts most users to Edifier is a number of features they pack into theirspeakers. S1000DB comes with a 5.5″ driver and a 1″ tweeter on top. Maximum power output is limited to 120 Watts RMS, which puts these among the more powerful models in this segment of the market.

What really makes S1000DB stand out from its immediate competition is the fact that you get Bluetooth 4.0 aptX connectivity as well as a remote control. In other words, you can pair these speakers to any smart device you own, as well as your computer. Having that kind of versatile nature means that you get the best of both worlds.

While some audiophiles tend to stay away from active setups, it is easy to see how a set such as this one could be attractive to casual users. Either way, Edifier S1000DB come across as very solid in all aspects that matter.


Tonal profile of S1000DB is pretty interesting. Edifier had to make some compromises in order to facilitate all of the features, but the speakers definitely come across as very capable. Trebles are clear, punchy and maybe a tad bit too bright. Mids are open, well defined and handle the majority of what you throw at them rather nicely. Once you step into the bass territory, you will be presented with a surprising amount of definition.

Even though these are 5.5″ drivers, they are definitely capable of moving some serious air. The addition of a two-band EQ on the back of the active unit allows for some tone shaping. In all honesty, it doesn’t take much to put these on the right track. The only real thing that we might characterize as a flaw is a somewhat long burn-in period. However, that is not unique to S1000DB. Once you get it over with, these will deliver a pretty solid performance all around.

The Rumble:

Great set of active speakers designed for those who want quality audio as well as versatility. Edifier S1000DB are powerful, stylish and fairly balanced all things considered. If you’re just getting into quality audio, these a great starting point.