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When it’s time to get outdoors where you can get bogged down in all kinds of terrain, having a reliable Bluetooth speaker matters. ECOXGEAR EcoXBT fits the bill and is one of the best waterproof speakers out there.


EcoXGEAR is one of the better-known brands when it comes to water-resistant Bluetooth speakers. Their line of products includes a whole variety of designs catered specifically for this purpose. You can figure exactly how serious they are about this by taking one simple glance at the EcoXBT.

For starters, the chassis includes large handles which definitely help in slippery conditions, such as water. Front of the speaker is orange, as is the back side, but the rest of the body is made of black rubberized plastic. Another good design detail they’ve included is sealing the I/O panel.

As a matter of fact, every single element of the EcoXBT is sealed with some sort of waterproof protection, including screw holes. Whether or not you will find it attractive is a matter of your own taste. However, no one can say that this thing isn’t built to handle harsh conditions.


The core of the speaker consists of two full range drivers. On top of that, you also get a built-in microphone that turns the speaker into a hands-free device. With that said, the most impressive feature on the ECOXGEAR EcoXBT is the battery. It is a built-in 1800mAh unit that is charged using a dedicated power adapter.

What makes it so awesome is that it offers 10+ hours of playtime, but is also capable of charging your mobile devices. Say you need to top off your phone out in the wilderness, you can do that by plugging it into the USB port in the back. In other words, ECOXGEAR EcoXBT can act as a battery pack should you need it to.

Another cool feature is the fact that ECOXGEAR EcoXBT was designed to float. Not only does this reduces the risk of water damage, but it makes it suitable for use in pools or even open water.


When push comes to shove, no matter how protective your speaker enclosure is, you will want the speaker to actually sound good. In the case of ECOXGEAR EcoXBT, that is something you don’t have to worry about. Granted, the power is limited to 6 Watts, but these 6 Watts sound a lot bigger than they actually are.

There is also the question of acoustics in outdoor conditions. Overall, the biggest drawback to ECOXGEAR EcoXBT’s performance become apparent when you focus on the low end. Treble and mids are fine, or even better than fine, but bass is not quite there. With that said, we need to be realistic in our expectations from this type of Bluetooth speaker.

Having reliable audio in harsh conditions is good enough on its own, so we can definitely forgive the lack of low-end response. Overall, ECOXGEAR EcoXBT packs a very decent punch that is great as long as you don’t require audiophile level performance.

The Rumble:

ECOXGEAR EcoXBT brings a very good compromise in terms of performance. You get enough power, decent enough sound and a whole lot of rugged protection. Those who are often out in the wild will definitely appreciate this.