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DOSS Touch is a clear reminder that affordable doesn’t always have to mean unattractive. With that said, this Bluetooth speaker is one of the best models you can grab for less than $50. Here’s why.


When it comes to Bluetooth speaker design, you can’t really go wrong with a boxy style. It’s simple to manufacture but also to use. The very nature of this type of speaker demands it to be portable and stable on a whole variety of surfaces. No other shape does a better job at meeting these requirements than a simple cuboid.

The overall design of the speaker is impressive, to say the least. They have covered all of the sides of the cabinet housing with speaker grille, giving it a more refined look. The top panel is where all your controls are at, which is also when things become interesting.

Instead of going with a number of buttons, DOSS chose to take the touch path. The illuminated circle is what you use to adjust volume. Four different touch buttons around it are used to skip tracks, play and pause music. Lastly, this speaker isn’t toocumbersome, which makes it fairly portable all things considered.


The core of the DOSS Touch are the two drivers located in the front. Each of these is a 6 Watt transducer, meaning that the combined power output for this speaker is at around 12 Watts. Even though we are looking at full range drivers, speaker housing was designed in a way that boosts bass response to a reasonable level.

One area where DOSS Touch stands out is connectivity. Aside from supporting Bluetooth V4.0, you can also stream music via AUX cable or even a Micro SD card. On top of that, we have the built-in microphone that quickly transforms the Touch into a hands-free device.

That is if you pair it with your cell phone, but that goes without saying. Last but not least, let’s talk batteries. DOSS Touch comes with a 2200mAh battery which gives you some 12 hours of constant use. Since charging the battery takes approximately 4 hours if not less, you can quickly get the Touch back into action.


The sound you get from this compact speaker is pretty decent. One thing we particularly liked was the amount of volume. Eve though it is a 12 Watt unit on a good day, there is still more than enough output for use both indoors and outdoors. In terms of sound quality, you are looking at very low distortion even when the unit is set on full

Trebles are defined and meet the mids somewhat naturally. Since we are looking at two full range drivers, low-end response is about as limited as you would expect. The design of the speaker housing helps a little by acting as a bass reflex, however, don’t expect to move a whole lot of air with this Bluetooth speaker.

Pairing it with a Bluetooth device is fairly quick and easy. There are no variations in the signal as long as you are within range. In that respect, DOSS Touch is about average in comparison with its immediate competition.

The Rumble:

DOSS Touch might not feature groundbreaking performance, however, it does bring a certain amount of style. Some of its features are anything but common in this segment of the market. As such, it’s a great choice for any budget user.