What We Like

What We Don't Like

When it comes to turntable shopping, there’s no shortage of unusual, modern or vintage designs out there. But Crosley’s take on the vintage suitcase design is not something you want to miss – and there’s more to it than looks alone.


Looks are always subjective – some prefer a modern and minimalist approach, while others see the beauty in something aged and classic. Personally, I am in love with the style of this Crosley Executive turntable! The vinyl-wrapped suitcase design has a beautiful vintage vibe and will age nicely over time, with its brass-plated hardware and simple no nonsense layout. At only 7lbs it’s very lightweight and, with a plush handle up front, it’s functionally portable.

The dynamic stereo speakers sit inside the left and right sides of the case and blend in nicely with the overall look. There are four different color options available, each one as pretty as the last. Even for the low price, the build is relatively good and the whole system gives a classic and refined impression.


Not to be misled by its classic looks, the Executive does offer some modern features. We’re presented with plenty of connection options, including an auxiliary input, headphone out, RCA out and a USB interface for converting your records to MP3 via a PC or Mac – a feature you don’t see much on turntables in this sub-$100 range. Sticking to its portable design, the Executive is battery powered for travel and AC powered for home use.

The dynamic stereo speakers are a nice extra feature, and the aux input allows you to turn this in to a portable speaker for your phone. Overall it might not be the most feature-packed turntable out there, but it does offer enough to keep the casual user very content.


Crosley has gone above and beyond to bring us a beautiful device and has tried to keep it modern with the inclusion of features like USB connectivity. But, this is still a turntable and a budget one at that. So how does it perform? Not too bad at all. These speakers aren’t the richest and clearest on the market, naturally, but they do a fine job for on-the-go use. The components used aren’t top of the range either, but for a portable turntable they’re acceptable.

The Executive is belt driven and plays back at 33, 45 or 78 RPM, so you’re in no way limited by what you can play. However, if you intend on just picking this up to use at home, or wish to get into music creation and DJing, there are certainly others worth considering over this. In the end, at this price, you have to sacrifice a little sound quality and a few features for such a beautiful design.

The Rumble:

The Crosley Executive is certainly a beautiful-looking turntable and it offers some pretty cool features. As a standalone turntable, there are better options out there, but as a portable device it’s great, with decent stereo speakers and a nice build.