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If you are looking to get into vinyl on the cheap, Crosley CR6019A-BK is one of the most effective ways to do it. This turntable is among the most popular choices you have under $100 at the moment.


If you are used to the design of mid-range or even high-end turntables, Crosley CR6019A-BK will come across almost as this toy looking thing. In many ways, that exactly what it looks like. Crosley packed the entire thing into a chassis that is reminiscent of a vintage suitcase. On one hand, it gives the turntable a very distinctive vibe. On the other, it makes it super convenient to carry around.

After all, this is exactly what Crosley CR6019A-BK was designed for. Build quality is decent. You can only expect so much in this price range but Crosley has definitely covered most of their bases. With very limited controls, you won’t really have many things breaking the aesthetic of the entire package.

Speaking of aesthetics, Crosley offers this turntable in a variety of colors. It is worth mentioning that some of these color options can double the price of the turntable, at which point it’s no longer viable.


So far we have established that Crosley CR6019A-BK looks cool. The real question now is what kind of hardware does it have to offer? First of all, this is a manual unit with a belt drive system. This means that you will have to pull the tonearm from the vinyl by yourself when it reaches the end. Following the self-sufficiency theme, Crosley has included a built-in phono amp as well as a set of full range transducers on each side of the chassis.

The idea was that you could just open this thing up anywhere you can find a power source, and just load a vinyl on it. Those who have a decent vinyl collection which they are looking to digitize on the cheap will love the Crosley CR6019A-BK. It comes with a USB port, thus allowing you to do exactly this. In terms of I/O options, you have AUX in, RCA out and the USB port we have mentioned just now.


When the time comes to load a vinyl and let the thing roll, you will face the realities of owning a cheap turntable. Truth is that there will be some limitations. Overall, Crosley CR6019A-BK sounds fairly decent, at least for something that you can get without tanking your bank account. Tracking is okayish while the sound is acceptable, to say the least.

The only real issue with these Crosley turntables is the fact that there are no upgrade paths of any kind. In other words, what you see is what you get. If you are someone who is seriously interested in pursuing this hobby, you might find yourself in a situation where you have outgrown Crosley CR6019A-BK very soon.

Bottom line here is that Crosley CR6019A-BK was designed mostly as something casual users could work with and not much else. Viewed within that context, Crosley CR6019A-BK does a very solid job overall.

The Rumble:

Crosley CR6019A-BK is a decent entry level turntable for anyone looking to get into vinyl on the cheap. It is full of compromises, but ultimately you get a great value for your money. That’s about as far this unit goes.