What We Like

What We Don't Like

Blue Octave Home is mainly known for their ceiling and wall installation speakers. However, their venture into a compact, 6.5-inch subwoofer stands out among the crowd as one of the best subwoofers under $100.


The FS6 is compact and sleek in every way. The black stained body is complimented by a plain cloth grille that disappears into almost any set-up. Beveled edges grace the top of the cabinet, giving a little more flair to the box. On the bottom, four rubber feet take the sub off the floor. Around the rear, all necessary hookups are present including RCA line-in, speaker hookups, gain and crossover controls, and an attached power cable.

Out of almost every other subwoofer at this price, Blue Octave Home’s 6.5-inch offering is the most elegant. Nothing gets in the way of the minimalist design, even going as far as to omit a logo from the chassis. This is really a huge plus for me because I consider my set-up as much as a piece of furniture as I do a speaker.The beveled edges are subtly beautiful, and the overall design makes this subwoofer look much more expensive than it actually is.


Like most subwoofers under $100, the FS6 doesn’t have a whole lot in the way of features. Still, auto signal sensing is present, which is a plus for those who don’t want to reach behind the speaker every time it needs to be switched on or off. The highly rigid PVA treated cone surrounded by butyl rubber is held inside the high density MDF cabinet, but that’s really all this subwoofer has for features.

While not surprising, the lack of features does feel a bit limiting. Auto signal sensing and tunable crossover redeem this subwoofer, although those should be expected. Given the small size of the woofer, it would be nice to see some more options to tune the speaker. Driving all that low-end through such a small size can spell trouble more often than not and some simple EQ controls could turn this subwoofer into something truly special at the price.


That’s not to say this subwoofer isn’t special, because it certainly is. Blue Octave Home has really achieved something impressive with the FS6 considering how small the woofer is. A low-reaching frequency response (given the size) makes this subwoofer feel full of body in almost everyway. The rigid cone is tight and dynamic, never allowing the sound to become too obtuse.

Rear-porting can be problematic if the subwoofer is pushed against a wall, but otherwise presented little issues. The port fires at the bottom, spanning the body of the cabinet, so it shouldn’t be a problem unless pressed directly against a wall.

The Rumble:

The FS6 from Blue Octave Home is a fantastic subwoofer in a compact package. The woofer is tuned surprisingly well, making the subwoofer sound full and rich without becoming too obtuse. A lack of EQ controls is disappointing, but not deal breaking.